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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Country Living Atlanta show Finale

 Hi! Okay..this is the end!!I liked everthing about this pic..shabby aqua metal garden chair, map print pillow, cool signage and even cooler upcycled metal crown made from an old propane tank!Hmmm..What sort of havoc would I wreak with a plasma cutter?
 They had Glampers! They were sooo cute! Note the wagon wheels are not attached, just propped for "show".
 These had quite an interested crowd. I was chatting with a couple who said they were fixing up one of their own and had already spent more on upgrades than they did on the camper!
 Sooo cute.
 Totally true to theme.
 My husband an I have been talking about getting one of these for us.
 Inside of the gypsy would be so fun! Great guest room too!
 Handmade soap in a fab vintage baby bathtub display..
 Magnolia Pearl knickers..she wasn't there herself but this booth had a bunch of her clothes..I think it may have been several Texas people's things in one booth.
 One of my favorite furniture pieces..aqua of course!
 Yummy prom dress/bridesmaid's dress..
 Very photogenic!
 Another floaty dress...
 Upcycled stockings........
 I love these type of purses and have several. It is hard to find them cheap. They are from the 40's.
 Loved this lucite one husband had to hold it for me! But $225 was too much for me!
 A more matronly manni..
 Ladies were all over these dresses..
 It was hard to get a picture!
 Lovely vintage bling...
 An interesting old cabinet card upcycle..
 This one had me at heart shaped and was only $95 which to even cheap old me was a good price..but I have no place to put it!
 Upcycled architectural headboard in the foreground.
 Slightly better pic...
 Cool lamp/old post marriage..
 So many pretty things!
 This was a neat display idea. I currently have  about 200-300 of these in my livingroom that I am sorting into "lots" to sell..I should have had them listed a month ago!
 Cool upcycled art........
 Never enough faucet handles!
 This was a cute earring display idea..vintage playing cards!
 Another fav cabinet..
 Feedsack! Love this..
 So cheerful.
 Lovely chandelier..
 This s one of the cooler 50's dinettes I have those chairs!
 I love the colorful midcentury kitchen ware..pyrex..glassware..utensils..
 More mom had that stacking yellow green red blue set ..
 Vintage tumblers are so cheery!
 These were some pretty tent "slipcovers"..really girled it up!
 They are vintage priscilla curtains sewn together and embellished..too cute!
Okay..last pic..finally! I hope you guys had fun seeing my pics! If you are close enough, I hope you get to check out one of the Country Living shows! Til next time! Julia


The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh, that was fun, I can see why you wold want a trailer, I loved the pink Pyrex and all of the dresses, thanks for sharing!


Melissa said...

Oooh i feel like i am there with you! Thanks for taking me along!

Love the soaps in the vintage tub idea. Very sweet. And the earrings on the playing cards!

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