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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Vintage Christmas Ornaments

 Hi guys! This is what I have been up to this week! I have been up to my ears in ornaments! I have been glamour shooting them for my Etsy shop. Some of these have already sold! I scour estate sales all year for vintage ornaments and then group them by color and style.
 I looove vintage Christmas ornaments..shabby is better than perfect as far as I am concerned!
 Magenta pink is my favorite. Even a few are great to display on a antique bottle neck or like here, like a mini gazing ball on the top of an old glass light shade.
 I only had one "white" group and they are already gone!
 I figured they wouldn't last long. This silverplate urn is mine and I will not part with it. It holds Christmas ornaments now and other things through the year..I like it filled with vintage baseballs and softballs too!
 Most of these are Shiny Brite (the ribbed caps) or Coby (the plain scalloped caps). The indented ones are European..usually Poland, Czechoslovakia, or West Germany.
 This vintage cutie is on his way to Australia with 3 more "Elvises". He was so photogenic..what a ham!
 I like the lime and gold ones too..they look like lemons and limes. Really there is not a color I don't like!
 Yummy aqua, silver and electric peacock blue. I am not a blue "ornament on the tree" lover, but I love them like this!
 These had emerald and teal in the mix...
 These are some yummy West German ones..sold.
 Striped Shiny Brites and more. The clear striped ones are WW2 . During the war years all metal went to the "war effort" even the silvering inside of new ornaments! These came with cardboard hangers also as that metal was also unavailable.I think these are sold too.
 Love....Why do I sell all these? Because I have a vintage silver tinsel tree that I cannot squeeze one more ornament onto! The branches are literally covered from one end to the other! Mine are mostly pink and aqua.
 More Shiny Brites. I was doubtful about that long one as the cap is small. but these have  Shiny Brite box with it on the cover!
 The fruit basket shaped one is an oldie. I really like this pink indent too. I think these sold today.
I think my fav this year is this gold one with the pink center. I used to not care for the gold ones as much but this year I am really loving gold with bright pink and gold with aqua. This one reminds me of ones that were on our tree when I was little..that could have something to do with it too! Here's wishing you a very merry vintage Christmas! Stop again! Julia


Unknown said...

:0) I have so many of these, handed down from my I can't wait to get them out and hang them again.

Sandy said...

Wow! That's quite a collection. Christmas will not be sneaking up on you! Now, I'm feeling in the Christmas mood..