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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Handmade Victorian style Christmas cones

Hi guys! These are the latest addition to my handmade Etsy shop..Victorian style Christmas cones.

 I made these with all vintage and antique material..the cones are vintage cardboard thread cones..I covered this one in French dictionary pages ..the book these came from is 70+ years old. I got it at an estate sale last weekend and I foresee many projects!

 This one had antique paper from an 1890's Harper Weekly..the advertising sections..such graphic coolness! The edging is new black cardstock (the only new bit) that I stamped with my new Martha Stewart punch. I actually remembered to download a coupon before I went to Hobby Lobby!

 The centers are vintage calligraphy monograms that I snipped from a sampler sheet that I got at an estate sale last weekend. It was the estate of a calligrapher..this is just where he was practicing..I thought they were too cool to let go to the trash!

 This is some of my favorite vintage wallpaper from my stash..palest pink with darker pink this! The pink tinsel garland is also vintage..from the same estate as that bowl full of yummy vintage ornaments from my last post!

 More vintage wallpaper and a sheet music punch and glitter of course..these are also lined in vintage sheet music..a Mozart opera!

 This one has a punch of vintage pink foil wrapping paper..I love metallic and reminds me of the papers from the raspberry Brachs caramel candies that we used to get in our bag of Christmas candy from Santa at fav flavor..and I hoarded those wrappers even back then!

This one has a cool pic of circus acrobats!

I filled them with vintage silvery tinsel..all ready to add candy, an ornament or a special small gift! Til next time! Happy crafting! Julia


Duni said...

These are so pretty! I especially like the one with the roses :)

Trina Prenzi said...

They are lovely!