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Thursday, August 16, 2012


 Hi guys! My posts are so random..I was trying to title this one and just gave up! Today I am basically sharing what I was up to today. My life is one giant, weird, tangenting ADD mess! I usually have 15 projects going at once..sometimes they are just "going" in my brain waiting for me to actually put them into play. My day usually goes like so..I am doing "something" and decide I need coffee..go in kitchen, take out trash..see the cats need feeding, have to pee..see towels that need washing.. start laundry and fold a load of clothes that were in the dryer, wander through livingroom and check Facebook, get Hunter a drink and start his DVD or computer game..try to figure out how he is supposed to PLAY his video game, wander back through the kitchen and remember that I had wanted coffee and try to remember what I was doing in the first place! These first few pics are of my "Mapples" apples. I had a box of wooden apples from an estate sale. I tried to sell them in my booth as is but only sold a few... sooo..project time! I decided to make photo holders. The above one I covered w/ strips of vintage map, vintage ledger paper and vintage dictionary text. On most of these I added a black leaf with white "stitching". NOTE I had to remove the above pic because it is going into a magazine and they want photos of it off the internet until it is published. So yay!
 The left one I painted with chalkboard paint and added a map leaf (and temporarily, me and my honey's initials). The other is Pride and Predjudice text.
 A brighter vintage map and one of my fav vintage clue who they are but I refer to him as "Jude Law".
 Antique sheet music..
 A more pastel vintage map. When life gives you apples..make photo holders??
 This little lady has been a troublemaker. I got her this summer when we were in SD. She was in a box on the front porch of an antique mall and had a fab price (that should have been a heads up). I kept her in the minivan and the next day the whole car reeked! I accused my people of all sorts of indelicate things and made everyone check their shoes for poo. I finally figured out it was HER! She smelled of a combo of vomit and things I don't even want to type! She hung around in my downstairs and my daughter who slept down there complained of her stink. They 2 girls told me she was possessed and was emitting her evilness through her smell. She is composition/hard old plastic..she is unmarked and looks to be a Madame Alexander knock off. I searched the web and it said to rub her down with white vinegar..bad idea..then she stunk of her usual odor AND pickles. I put her outside in the sun on the grass all afternoon. My husband came home and looked out the back door at her and said,"What did she do? Has she been naughty?" Nope..just smelly. She came in and got a Comet wipe down/scrub. I didn't want to get water inside her as I was not sure that was a good idea as I was unsure if she was composition or not. The Comet helped but stillllll....maybe Febreze?! While she was in time out I did snap a few nude photos of her.
 She creeps out my daugthers but she is photogenic!
 So if you know anything about de-stinking all means share! (It is not is some smell that eminates from the plastic itself.)
 This morning found me dying vintage slips. I had a bunch of white ones..
 which are now a bunch of pink ones! There were a couple butterflies that loved them, but they wouldn't let me get a close up (there is a little one sitting on the clothesline)
I hope nobody has arachnaphobia! This guy was hanging off my son's basketball hoop. He was huge.. about 3-4 inches across. He had a bug he was wrapping up but my incessant paparazzi-ing freaked him out and he dropped his bundle! So basically my day was glue, glue, glue, dye, dye dye, price price, price, pic,pic, pic..ooh look..a spider! Then tonight I was reading online that red hands can be a sign of liver damage/disease and was momentarily freaked by my red hands..until I remembered I hadn't wore any gloves this morning while dyeing all those pink slips! (whew!) Hoping you all had a productive day! Til next time! Julia (dang it..I can still smell that doll..I think she needs to go back downstairs!)


Nauli said...

Oh dear, what a doll life... Sorry, no tips for stinking dolls...
But she's pretty!

Memories for Life said...

Thanks for the laugh...this post rocks :) I love it most because I can relate to so much of it! Why did I sit down at the computer again?
The stinky doll story had me laughing out loud at the computer! Hope you get her cleaned up soon :)

Unknown said...

Your typical day sounds very familiar! I don't have kids, but the rest of it, starting and stopping and getting distracted. Haha. That spider looks intense!

Curator Violet said...

Your ADD is highly entertaining! And those mapples are fantastic...I really like how they turned out.