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Monday, August 13, 2012

More Handmade goodies for the show

 Hi guys! Well, I have survived my weekend of moving our daughter Hope to Indiana U for Optometry school. Her new apartment is really cute. She has curtains hung and everything co-ordinates..unlike my house! It did touch me that she wanted vintage painted pieces that we worked on together. Her coral painted record cabinet turned tv stand is really cute! She also left with one of my tables and 4 aqua mid century bentwood and vinyl chairs..some mirrors, dresser, night stands, end tables, coffee table, washer and dryer and her sofa and loveseat and a new bed , TV, and all her new apartment "goodies". She asked for some pieces from my pottery collection and I filled a box with McCoy, Haeger and other vintage vases and planters in cream, aqua and can't even tell any are missing! They will look great in her apartment though. She went to college just 70 miles down the road and even though I might have not seen her for a couple weeks at a time, I always knew I could hop in the car and be there in an hour! Now she is 6 hours away. She is following her dream and she will do great I am sure. There will be a lot more phone calls and Facebookings and texts though! I think the only one who didn't boo-hoo was her daddy.  *SIGH* Now I have 2 of my babies in 2 other states :( . We shall survive. I remember reading a story years back about a mom taking her son to kindergarten and crying and the teacher telling her that he was fine..that he would just be "on about his busy day"... and when he went away to college how she had to get "on about her busy day" too. I am sure my mom has had similar feelings with me living 18 hours away..I was just too dense to understand! OK..on about my busy day...
 I have been getting things ready for an upcoming show. It is such a juggling act trying to decide what goes in my booth, what goes in my Etsy shops or on Ebay and what stays for the upcoming shows! I guess what doesn't sell one place will go another! This little compostion baby doll was an upcycle. She was naked w/ a torso crack when I got her. I re-glued and pulled her back together. I added a dress I made from vintage linen and lace. It has some age foxing on it which I think adds to the look..she would look "off" with a new fabric dress! Her pink headband bow finishes her off. I have a few more compo baby dolls that have found me that I am in the process of redressing and a couple cool larger compo doll heads that are going to the show too.
 I made some upcycled flower pins. These are made from vintage scarves. This one has a hand dyed paper rosette center w/ a cool vintage button w/ peridot rhinestones an vintage lace.
 Same scarf, vintage French text, organza and a vintage rhinestone button.
 Same scarf again ( I liked this scarf!) organza and a fab vintage button. although these all atarted in the same place, they all ended up different!
 This one reminds me of a Union Jack. With organza and stacked vintage buttons and pearly bead.
 A vibrant vintage scarf, organza and stacked vintage buttons.

Vintage scarf with pink sheer fabric and vintage pearly beads.
 Same scarf with white sheer fabric and some pink vintage beads.
 Vintage scarf, sheer fabric and vintage beads.
 This one is new fabrics and vintage beads. Singed flowers are nothing new, but I like to give them my own spin, As these are mostly bright, I want to do some paler ones. I was inspired by Carol from The Polka Dot Closet (.blogspot) as she was making some of these for her son's wedding. I like to use vintage fabric where I can..and I have a TON of vintage fabric!
 I did some papered clothespins as I needed some to use for display (I have a bunch of vintage baby christening dresses). These were fun. I used new and old papers.
Vintage text, Pride and Prejudice (which I have a bad habit of reading while I snip and glue) French text, antique sheet music, antique ledger papers, vintage maps..
I ran out of clothespins before I ran out of pretty papers I wanted to use!
 I used my antique signage stamps to stamp vintage wooden hangers.
 I will never pass up a vintage wooden hanger at an estate sale again!
 I got into my vintage fabric stash and made some pillows. These are made with vintage ticking and antique quilt stars..all old but they have a modern look!
 On some I added vintage crocheted pieces and vintage mother of pearl buttons. I love vintage crochet. My Gramma did it but all I can crochet is a string!
 This is filet lace and vintage buttons.
 These were some of my favs..can you tell I was watching the Olympics? Vintage ticking, burlap webbing, vintage measuring tape and some newer fabric. These were a bit trickier to line up correctly..Union Jack bars are not supposed to be perfectly centered (the measuring tape bits).
 Then I got off on a tangent on totes. This is actually made of large toile cloth napkins. I have the matching tablecloth but figured I would probably never use the  matching napkins.
 This one is vintage ticking w/ a burlap webbing handle. The interior is navy denim. I have more to make if I can get them done in time!
I figured not everyone wants complete pillows so I made a couple ticking and vintage lace pillowcases too. I like using the pretty (lace) with the practical (ticking). I have actually made more things than these, but as usual I have things in several stages of "doneness". I think those pins lurked around for a month before I trouble shooted..(shot?) a problem I was having with them. Those are the things I solve when I am trying to go to sleep at night! So back I go to being "about my busy day"..trying not to worry about my baby Hope and hoping she gets in her own groove soon. Love you Hopie! Til next time! Julia

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The Polka Dot Closet said...

OMG you have been busy, I know it is sad to send kids off, but they always come back, enjoy the extra time. You have made some fabulous items for your show! Thank you for the shout out, my flower pins sold really sell when I was a vendor at a show, I priced them at $10 a piece and they were a big hit! Be sure to let us know how the show goes!