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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Upcycled candelabras and new booth items

Hi guys! I just wanted to share some new upcycles and vintage items I took to my antiques booth today.This first one is one of my upcycled candelabras. The base is a vintage glass lamp base that I used faux mercury glass spray paint on. The middle is a vintage wooden piece..probably a table leg part. The top is a brass candle stand that I painted and punched holes and added vintage prisms and a prismy bobeche to.
This one is a pillar candle stand. The top is a vintage silverplate ruffled bowl. I punched holes and added prisms. The middle is a porch post with an added vintage metal keyhole surround. The base is marble from a vintage lamp.
This one is the same as the first with a vintage brass base. I think this was a pillar candlestand. The bobeche just sits on the top. It is irridescent and the prisms are pretty!
I always buy these when I see them at a sale. This is a vintage floral water globe. You stuck your flowers in the rubber base and added water and some white vinegar to the globe, then flip the base w/ flowers upside down and reattach. The lid is quite tight fitting. I have 2 this size and a smaller one. I like them more for display. I have one full of vintage mother of pearl buttons and 2 small ones that I have planted moss in at my house! Also cool for a little a big snow globe without the water.
I also always buy vintage cheese domes. Still useable for their original purpose but imagine this with a nest with faux robin's eggs or old photos and memorabilia! I like to use them more as a cloche.
This one had a cork base that I spray painted and a glass liner which I put some vintage wallpaper beneath. You could put anything under there and even switch it out seasonally! Of course I forgot my camera when I went up to the antique mall..I need to take it and get some new booth pix! Hope you are having a great week! 'Til next time. Julia

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The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh, I so love everything, the candle operas and the cloches, the one with the wall paper is great !!!