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Thursday, April 12, 2012

My New Cholesterol Journey

Hi guys! I have embarked on a new cholesterol journey. For the last 9 years I have been taking Statin drugs for my high cholesterol. My optometrist told me she saw cholesterol deposits in my irises and told me to get myself checked. I had just had my son Jack and my only Doctor was my gyno so when I had my checkup I badgered him into drawing blood for a cholesterol test. When it came back he was shocked. He said,"It is 303! You need to see a doctor!" I said, "Aren't YOU a doctor?" and he said (I kid you not) "I mean a REAL one!" LOL. His nurse just kept saying, "That can't be right?!" Unfortunately it was. I got a "real" doctor who put me on Statin drugs..first Lipitor for a couple years then Crestor ..then when my insurance company decided Crestor was too expensive, I was back to Lipitor then to generic Lipitor. My cholesterol did drop to around 120 and I went on my merry way eating whatever I pleased. I was taking a very low dose..5mg of Crestor and 10 of Lipitor. The last year or so, things started to creep up on me.
My feet started hurting and snap crackle popping every time I stood up. My energy was loooooow. My memory started slipping..words I KNEW started escaping me. I'd have to ask my family..what is that word I am searching means (and I'd name off 4-5 synonyms). They would just say..Oh you mean the MICROWAVE?(or insert any other incredibly easy word here) The they would shake their heads..crazy old mom!Then my knees started hurting too and I felt stiff..I struggled to get up off the floor and even the couch in a graceful manner. My thumbs and hands started aching and getting stiff..last straw! I work with my hands and NEED them thankyouverymuch! I am 49 and I felt 89! A bell started to go off about Statin drug side effects. My mom has high cholesterol that she controls with diet and exercise..neither of which particularily appealed to me. She was constantly harping on evil Statin drugs (which she was immediately violently allergic to) and I would say, "I am FINE!" OK time to listen to my mother (she was so pleased!) I ran out of Statins and did not refill. I have changed my diet. I read labels (they are horrific if you actually read the ingredients..all sugar and preservatives) I told my husband I am going to try to avoid processed food which he is fine with (why not..tastes better and he doesn't have to cook!) I have started on Niacin and other supplements. I have added oatmeal and flax to my diet. I have also been reading up on "good Cholesterol " foods. I am going lower dairy (greek yogurt and skim milk) lean protein and lots of fruits an veggies. I am trying to cut out white sugar/ high glucose corn syrup..that stuff is in everything! Even a can of kidney beans has sugar added! Green and black tea & coffee are still a more creamer real or hydrogenized fake stuff *sniffle* NO more hydrogenized oils in anything! Dark chocolate (not tons) is good. A glass of red wine a night is good. Walnuts are good. Raw honey if needed.
After my whole 40 days of Lent with no coffee (and tons of creamer) or bread, I jumped on the scale to discover I had lost 1/2 a pound! My daughter said ... well at least you know bread isn't making you fat! Humpf.. My husband on the other hand gave up pop and his candybars for Lent and lost 20 pounds. Oh least he is healthier! I would like to lose about 20 lbs. (Someone told me also that Statin drugs make you gain weight..we'll see how that flies!" I don't want to be skinny..I love myself at 150! I have boobs and if I lose much more I get haggard looking. So off I go on my new way of life. Oh ..did I mention the 30 minutes of sweaty exercise a day? That was actually the most depressing idea to me as I am lazy as hell but I do know as a former exerciser that once you get back on the horse so to speak that it becomes less of a chore. So I will speed walk, ride the bike and lift some weights. I may even add a sit up or 2! I do need to add stretching also because I have lost any inkling of flexibility. *sigh*

On the up side I am going back to baking our own husband is almost giddy about that idea..I may even sneak some flax in on him! I am planning on getting my levels checked in a couple months..I assume they will rise and I wanted to have a good start to argue with my doctor with (he loves pills). He is a Lipitor taker too..maybe HIS knees will be aching and I can get a convert! So off I go on my healthier road..wish me luck! Til next time! Julia


Diane in the Valley said...

I'm right there with you. I've never been on drugs but my cholesteral is right at 200 and diabetes runs in my family. At 51 I've started to look at my bucket list, and getting myself "healthy" is number one. Of course I haven't done much more than buy a scale. My Mom is 87 and takes 1/2 a blood pressure pill and that's after having 11 kids! You've given me a jolt, it's nice when other people talk about their health and what they are doing. Keep up the good work and maybe I'll have stevia in my tea this morning instead of sugar. :)

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

I take blood pressure medicine, but have staved off cholesterol medicine thus far, but my doctor has threatened it. She recommended I take fish oil capsules, which I have been doing. I also have been trying to eat more fish. We've used skim milk for years, but still eat ice cream and, my personal downfall, cheeseburgers. Good luck to you! Let's all keep trying!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Good for you!! Oh let us know how your journey goes, your goal of #20 weight loss will probably help a lot and I also take fish oil with DHA

Good luck!