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Monday, April 16, 2012

Rose Red clothespin paper flower wreath

Hi guys! This is my latest clothespin wreath. I had collected some really pretty scrapbook paper in aquas and reds and they sparked the idea for this wreath's theme.
Also, I remember when I was little going to my grandparent's church for a dinner and walking in the kitchen to see Gramma who was in there with a bunch of other ladies..all in dresses and aprons! I must have been young because they were tall. I remember perusing the buffet table with my cousin Greg, deciding what we were going to eat when time came. Two things I remember making an impression were macaroni salad with marshmallows and fruit cocktail and whipped cream in a big white Fire King bowl with red dots and a huge angelfood cake with sticky pale pink marshmallow frosting. I have since collected and been gifted a set (and a couple more) of those Fire King nesting bowls..some of my favorite items! (Thanks again Debbie!)
So here are the red dots and the pale pink!
The red roses I made from cardstock.
The pale pink rosebuds are made from cupcake liners because it was the only pale pink paper I had in the house that day! I like how they turned out.
The rest of the flowers have layers of vintage and antique sheet music (Mozart), vintage French lit pages, vintage French to English dictionary pages, vintage Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice pages (I always read as I snip!) and antique German bible study book pages. The middles are vintage mother of pearl buttons and pearly jewelry beads and bits with touches of pink glitter. I just could not hold back the glitter on this one!
The leaves are aqua paper encrusted with crystal glitter. I have a different one that I am working on flowers for now..different scheme of course. I will share it when it is done.
These are the flowers my daughter's boyfriend picked for her and left in her car while she was at work this weekend. Awwwww! My husband said he needs to tell him he is setting a bad example! I told him that is how it is SUPPOSED to be! LOL. Hope your week is filled with flowers! Til next time! Julia


Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Love the wreath with the charming colors. Just lovely!

pasqueflower said...

Adorable wreath! Delighted to "meet" another Etsian with SD roots!

Unknown said...

love that wreath. did you paint all those clothespins?

Laura Beth Love said...

This is SO pretty! The colors are just perfect and it has a great vintage feel.