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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Upcycled clothespin wreath with book page and sheet music flowers

Hi guys! Another wreath! I am glad to get this done as now maybe I can sleep at night. I have spent the last week with visions of these clothespins wreaths running through my brain as I am trying to go to sleep! It was like I had to make them to exorcise myself!
Funny how this looks totally different depending on which way you hang it..
The base on this is clothespins again with paper faces in shades of aqua with cream and coral red touches.
I made the flowers from vintage and antique paper.. Jane Austen book pages, dictionary text, French Lit book, Mozart sheet music,antique German pages from a bible story book (damaged) and tea stained paper for the sort of poppy rosettes.
The centers are vintage mother of pearl buttons capped with crystal glitter (all those "eyes" staring at me was bugging me on this usually doesn't!) and vintage pearly beads from broken necklaces..I hope they are faux pearl!
On this wreath I also added white net for an airy touch.
You would never guess it is shower pouf netting!
Great tip.. new shower pouf for $1 = yards of netting! I am always looking at things in the grocery and hardware store and thinking..Hmmmmm..what could I use that for?
My other surprise for this wreath was how pretty crystal glittered kraft paper leaves are. This was just paper bag! I wanted neutral leaves and thought kraft paper..the glitter was a last minute addition and I looooove the look!
I noticed this word "gild" on this flower after it was all put together..very fitting as my husband is always accusing me of "gilding the lily" as in I may go a tinge overboard on details. That's OK with me though! Hope you all are having a beautiful day. 'Til next time! Julia


Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Nice soft colors. Very pretty!

Scrollwork said...

You do exquisite work! I can relate to how ideas, once they get a hold of you, refuse to leave you alone until you execute them!

Thanks for the tip about shower pouf usage. I'd admired their pastel netting at the dollar store, too. Same goes for produce bags! I've saved them from all the oranges and avocados we buy. They come in green, yellow, orange, red and black.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

This is gorgeous, I know what it is like when thinking a project through when I am trying to sleep. I always work it all through in my head! Oh, goodness I can see the tons of work and all the variety of paper flowers!