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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Antique Christening gowns

Hi guys! I love these romantic antique baby Christening gowns. I found 3 recently that I just listed in my vintage Etsy shop. This one is sheer eyelet delicate!
They were so long I had a hard time taking a pic of the whole of them. I had to resort to my bedroom wall that has less than ideal light.
This one has bands of mini pleats and an ornate eyelet hem.
This is a heavier "winter weight " one. It has a front panel of mini pleated bands and eyelet lace bands. This one has a few spots..I wish it was summer so I could do a sun bleach treatment.
These are from the first quarter of the 1900s. They are homemade and mostly machine much love went into these!
I made one for my kids that they all wore..boys and girls and even grandson Hunter! It has rows of entredeux insertion laces and mini pleats. It took me a long time to make but every wearer was so special to me!
These may need a button added or spot removed to wear but they are all ready to display..fab for a pale or white decor. I also have another 8-9 1940's 50's shorter baby dresses on my ironing board now waiting for me to press! I am thinking if there are any I can't get a pale spot out of I may be dipping them in dye..pale pink, blue or tea-stained and making a garland out of a couple attached to vintage ribbon with some vintage baby cards or handmade ones..hmmmm..Always more ideas than time! Hoping you are having a lovely day! Until next time! Julia


Teresa Kline said...

these are so awesome, I can only think of who wore them and where they are now....your vintage finds are wonderful...have a super duper week!

enjoy *~*

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Those are just adorable. They remind me of my mom's baby dress, which she had framed. They really are a kind of art!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I love the baptism gowns, crazy thing In all my years of antiquing I have never come across one! So finding 3 was a good day!


Baby Christening Gown said...

I love your beautiful collection .

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