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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Thrift store wedding decor

 Some shots of the table decor from our daughter Alexa's wedding. She shopped for decor at thrift stores and Mom's house! She had 13 tables plus the head table, cake table, book table to fill. She went thrifting for glass hurricane shades and large apothecary jars. The brass rings encircling each centerpiece came from our shed..they are antique brass lighting fixture rings that would have held prisms. She used natural items..succulents from Lowe's that we used at her shower and pinecones from our yard..some sprayed metallic nickel.

She also used whatever bits she had left from making her bouquets...moss and pebbles.

Large candlesticks and floral globes from Mom's stash..

Candles both real and battery operated and pebbles from the Dollar Store. A shabby plateau mirror of mine.

A prism-y candle holder from Mom and a thrift store lantern with moss and a battery tealite. (when I went to Americasmart  the Atlanta wholesale market last month, lanterns were everywhere.)

Vintage floral globe with leftover blooms and another prism-y vintage candlestick from Mom's house.

Victorian glass compote of Mom's, vintage crystal candlestick with gold edging I literally could not sell in my booth for a couple bucks and mercury votive holders from Walmart, Dollar Store and thrift store. Each table was different but still connected. Her sister Hope helped her arrange these, they did a good job! I should have gotten more and better pics..she really had a lot of cute stuff, but it really was a blur!

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