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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Estate finds, santos cage dolls and mixed media collage

Hi guys! I am moving from one wedding and onto the next. I am trying to get things listed online in between times. I have been listing things in Ed's shop  and in my vintage shop and my handmade shop plus Ebay and our local booths. I have been sneaking in time to make things in the studio. The above is a metal welding rod "rack" that I bought at an estate sale of a welding shop a couple weekends ago. It called out for stenciled numbers so I added 2 in gold paint. So cool for a vase or a planter or to corral whatnot. Rusted perfection!
 I had to dash and tussle to get a few of these fab drawers before they all sold. I put 2 of the smaller ones online and they have already sold. The larger ones make shipping prohibitive so they went in our this shabby green paint!

I got 2 of these handmade tin can water or oil cans. They have copper spouts..I just thought they were cool folk arty make dos..this one has already sold.
 I have been working on making santos style cage dolls. I made these with vintage 1940's-50's doll parts and I made the wooden "cage".

Brown eyed...

And blue eyed..

They need a bit more anique-ing and I may add some lace to their lower bodice area..looks a bit off to me now.
I spent last night working on a mixed media piece. Vintage wallpapers, antique ledger paper, sheet music and paper ephemera and an old photo. Her name was on the back, Zula Mae 1936 Chattanooga, TN. What a great old name! I couldn't leave her nameless so I added it to the front. I colored her dress and gave her some red dancing shoes, wings and added a moon. I loved the old dance school card..perfect for this piece.
Then I added paint, pencil, stamps, stencils, more paint..I gave my girl a showgirl head dress of vintage bingo markers. I have a hard time knowing when it is "done". This is one of the first mixed media pieces I've tried..I have ideas for more and different ones with different elements and substrates..stay tuned!

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