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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Hi guys! Some pics from the bridal shower..I went out the morning before and cut greenery from the yard.Mostly Magnolia and privet. I found one lonely nandina shrub sprouting in my clue where it came from as I never planted it. I cut a spray of the berries for the house (hope I didn't kill the plant!)

Privet is a nuisance shrub around here..very invasive..pretty berries though!

 The succulents turned out cute. I swapped these votives out for battery ones though..I didn't want to start a fire!

 I plunked the magnolia and privet in the ductwork pipes and just plopped the big paper magnolia flowers on top. ( I did not get very good pictures)

 I scattered pinecones I spray painted nickel.

 A bit better pic.

 The Harry Potter roses..they are already added to her bouquet..we worked on wedding flowers after the bridal shower.

 Some of these are going to be used at her wedding as altar flowers.

 Cupcake favor boxes..She's a Catch..He's a Keeper  (also Harry Potter quidditch reference!)

We had a fun morning and it went too fast. Here is the bride to be modeling her cute new apron. Wasn't she just born?? *sniffle* She has an awesome fiance and we are so happy for both of them! I am currently tearing up the house, laying new floors and painting and re-arranging. My back keeps going out so never a dull moment! Stop again! 'Til next time! Julia

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Jeannie Gray said...

Beautifully understated floral arrangements! I love the idea of using duct work for vases.