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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Giant paper magnolia flowers for the bridal shower and wedding

 Hi guys! Sharing some paper flowers I am working on for my daughter's wedding.

 She is a Southern girl and grew up climbing the magnolia tree by our house so now they are a part of her wedding.Although not many magnolia blooms in January so... I made giant paper ones.These are literally 3 sheets of cardstock, a foamcore circle, a spray painted pinecone, hot glue and a piece of wire..that's it! The far right one was magnolia prototype #1 so it is a bit wonky..I changed the outer petals to shorter and fatter on the rest. Always good to try ONE before cutting out a BUNCH!

I figured out my own pattern by looking at photos..3 layers of 3 petals in gradually smaller sizes. The middle stumped me for a minute. I was thinking of making a paper middle but then thought..pinecones! Close enough! We have them all up our driveway. These are sort of baby ones from a tree that went down. I spray painted them brushed nickel to match her wedding, but you could use any color..or glitter!Or both!Greenish yellow is the "regular" color.

 I am going to add them to large arrangements of real magnolia leaves for the back altar..cost..almost free!

 I think I will use 3 per arrangement. I am using a few at the bridal shower first for centerpieces there. I will share the how to later.

 Another Harry Potter touch..golden snitches I made from Ferrero Rocher candy and some foil wings I made with silver wrapping paper. (I glued 2 pieces together so it is silver on both sides.) You could also use silver cardstock or silver glittered foam but I had the wrapping paper already! I just used a glue dot to attach.

Hope you are having a great week..stop back to see more! Comments loved, followers adored. Til next time! Julia

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Chelsey said...

These look awesome! The pine cone was a great idea, as were the golden snitches. I'm a big Harry Potter fan. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of the flowers soon.