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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Vintage Mid Century ugly cool baboon lamp

 LOL..Ed got this while shopping unsupervised this weekend. It is fabulous in its "uglosity"! It is a mid century lamp. It is plaster and about 3 feet tall. At first I thought it was a horse! It was my daughter that looked at it and said "Its a baboon!"

Giant glorious fugly is unmarked and probably going on Ebay. I am running in all directions this week sorting things for upcoming shows and the flea market and redoing my booth and listing online and working in the studio. "UglyBob" will be perched on my coffee table silently judging me in the meantime! (Silent Bob?) Hope you are having a productive week! Comments loved, followers adored. Stop again! Til next time! Julia

1 comment:

Memories for Life said...

Lol...If nothing else, maybe it will be a piece that draws people into your store or booth :)