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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Before and After painted wooden Cheese boxes Shaker boxes with faux grain sack Mod Podge image transfer

 Hi guys! I'm sharing a before and after today. My husband bought a couple vintage wooden cheese boxes. I decided to jazz them up a bit for my local booth.

 The see these now and again. They were meant to hold a couple wheels of cheese.

 And after! I gave them a shabby sheer coat of white acrylic paint.If you wanted more coverage, you certainly could add more coats of paint.

 I painted faux grainsack lines with blue painters tape that I ran right down the center and a row on each side approx. 3/8" away. I made sure the edges were down tight and then painted red acrylic for one and blue for the other in the open space between the tape lines. I removed the tape, let dry and sanded them back a smidge. I then added Graphics Fairy graphics  ( ) using the "Mod Podge" transfer method. You print the graphic in reverse and Mod Podge it face down to your piece Let dry overnight. Dampen the paper and start carefully rolling off the paper until you are left with just the graphics. You can look this method up on Pinterest or You Tube..lots of tutorials.. search Mod Podge image transfer.

On this one I actually used 2 graphics, a wreath and crown and a separate large bee..Queen Bee! I added a gold wreath around the edges using Martha Stewart gold acrylic paint..her metallics are extra yummy (of course!) It is just 2 simple comma strokes..a right and a left.. that make sort of a heart shape..then just keep adding more"hearts"until you get all the way around. I added one more coat of Mod Podge over the top to finish.Very quick project! The next couple days will be filled with cooking, cleaning, and "Eastering". Happy Easter to you and yours! Stop again.."Til then! Julia


The Polka Dot Closet said...

Wow, hubby sure knows a good buy when he sees it. I have never come accross a wooden cheese box, I love what you have done with them!


Almost Precious said...

What a prize your hubby found in those cheese boxes . . . and you turned them in real treasures. Beautiful !

Your Invisible Crown said...

I love cheese, so I love these :-)