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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What I am working on Romantic upcycled tutu lampshade Paper flowers Stamped spoons

 Hi guys! Just a few quick pics of what I am working on currently. I made this upcycled lampshade on Saturday. It is made from a vintage can can crinoline petticoat and a pretty vintage style rose. I need to take better pics before I list this!

 Because I use vintage materials, these are all one of a kind. I love how this one turned out! I cinched the "waist" in with a tulle sash and bow and the flower is on a clip so it can actually be removed.

This is my work table this morning (bad lighting!) As usual, I am elbow deep in about 10 different projects at once! I got a pad of yummy scrapbook paper last week and was itching to turn it into flowers. I am NOT a scrap booker, but I do love the pretty papers! I also added vintage and antique paper elements. I feel that is what makes it "mine" These are waiting for centers to be added..vintage buttons or maybe mercury glass beads.

 I decided to attach these to stems. I was torn..what to do? A pushpin? A clip? A magnet? A brooch? I decided to stem them..I can always go back and turn them into the other things later if they don't sell as stems.  The centers are antique French to English dictionary page paper and the leaves are light cardboard store credit cards from an old grocery or country store. When you said, "Put it on my tab" this is what they wrote it on! I like making totally whimsical, "unreal" fake flowers!

 On this one I messed around with that rolled rosette that "everybody" does and added it to an extra layer of petals to make it a larger these polka dots!

 I am also experimenting with different techniques for my coffee filter flowers. I like these OK but I think I still like my original large peony roses the best! ..but sometimes you need a smaller flower.

 This one was slightly different..still a rolled rose but with a more defined center.

On these I think I used bigger filters and just kept hot glue-ing and rolling. These are a bit more realistic looking. I CAN just cut them and assemble like I do my usual paper roses, but I was looking for a faster method...although the old method really does make the most realistic roses. I do like these last ones though..they look like the old cabbage roses that I love ..not like a modern tea rose.

 This a  a paper rose in waiting that I cut from an antique 1882 letter. I have a BOX of antique letters that a traveling salesman husband named Zeno sent to his wife at home. I decided the other day that this would be a good way to repurpose send Zeno's love for his wife back into the world! He signed some of them "your lover" sweet!
These are the antique tin doll spoons from the other day (at least a few of them) I like how they are coming along! The Bless Your one will have a heart charm added to the bottom (of course). It was going to say "blessed" but I realized halfway though it wasn't going to I added "your" and I think I will like these even better! Bless your heart is a Southern saying that can range from pity "Oh you poor thing you broke your arm..bless your heart!"  to gossip, "Did you hear about Beckie's husband and the dance coach? Bless her heart" catty.."Did you see her HAIR? Bless her heart" to a polite way of saying eff you.."Well..bless your heart!" LOL After 25 years in the South, the South is wearing off on me..bless my heart.. Have a great week! 'Til next time (and I am still teetering with sharing the TMI "barn story") Julia


Pamela Bates said...

wow, you've been busy. love the coffee filter flowers and the tutu shade....sweet! found you via etsy blog team

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Bless your all of your creations. I'm not a scrap booker either, but love the paper!!