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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New puppy baby!

We got a new Puppy Baby this weekend! Her name is Daisy Mae (because she is a Southern girl!)

 My daughters are calling her their Puppy Sister (we like that insurance commercial about "my Puppy Brother") We got her from an Australian Shepherd rescue group but she is supposed to be AS and ???? I think the ???? might be terrier as she is 4 months old and way small for an Australian Shepherd ..the did say her mom was smallish though. She has gangly legs and ears so maybe she will grow into those after all!

My son is happy..he has been begging for a pup for a few months.She is training us already! She has a sleeping crate on our covered porch and will stay out there at night until she gets that crate time is bed time..she is a bit noisy about it now. When she quiets down, I plan to move her sleeping crate downstairs. She will be an indoor /outdoor dog as we are in the country.

On day 2 she was already "helping" me with my Etsy photo shoots! She is like having a 1 year old again..she likes my lap! We went to an antique sale this weekend and got lots of goodies. I am spending the week sorting things for Etsy, Ebay, my booth uptown and the show we are doing next month. Busy busy! Hope  you have a great week! 'Til next time! Julia

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hopeandjoyhome said...

By day 3 she was running the house and only going outdoors to potty!