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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Assemblage mixed media vintage hardware and button jewelry

 Hi guys! This is what I have been working on this week..sneaking a minute here and there. Last weekend we bought a bunch of "stuff" at an auction. I always find in the bottoms of drawers, boxes and old tool totes, stuff that is to some..junk..but to ME, an opportunity to "play"!

 I took vintage plastic pierced buttons and added jump rings and links of old chandelier beading.

The chain is old hardware brass chain.

 There was this sweet  leather coin purse that became the focal point. I added a shabby patinaed keyhole with tiny mother of pearl buttons from my stash and a image from my stash. The dangle is a rusty small key and a vintage chandelier button prism.

I use the image of this Japanese girl a lot..she is just so wistful looking! She is off an antique stereograph card I have and I really like her! I like how the bottom of this coin purse had been mended at one time. People just don't fix things like that today..when it breaks..toss it! That's a shame.

 This was necklace 2. I gathered some patinaed small brass hinges and hinge parts, a shabby brass label and an old porcelain cameo all from the bottom of a tool tote we bought.

 I attached the hinges in a cross shape with jewelry wire. I stamped the brass label with the word FAITH.

 The cameo has a necklace and the stone was missing..luckily I had another in my bag of vintage jewelry pieces parts and I glued it on. She has sort of Madonna feel (not Madonna the singer! lol)

 I added a dangle of a vintage pearly bead and a vintage chandelier prism button. The chain was a 1960's one.I swapped out some damaged milk glass bead spacers with vintage chandelier beads. I don't really consider myself a jewelry maker, but I do enjoy taking the odd and ends and  bits and bobs that are basically one man's junk and making it into my treasure!

Today (and yesterday..and Thursday) I went to estate sales and an antique auction so I will be spending my week listing items. Today I am making latke's (potato pancakes) for our church's fall festival tomorrow for the Polish food booth. I'm not Polish but I got asked years back to help with the food for this booth so that is what I continue to do! There is also Italian, Asian, Latin, Cajun and American food booths. I've got 75 latkes in the fridge and another 25-50 to make! I will be praying for a nice day tomorrow. I need to finish up painting a couple more pumpkins and bake a couple cobblers. I PLAN to take my camera tomorrow and take pics (when I am not dishing up desserts) so stop back and check it out! 'Til then! Julia

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Anonymous said...

Very nice to just read thru all that you do & the little intricate details you've done in making those beautiful necklaces! Thanks so much!