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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My latest Vintage fabric pillows and finds

 Hi guys! I made 3 more pillows yesterday. All the pillows from this and my last post went up to my booth today (Main Street Antiques Sweetwater, TN) but if you see one you like, just let me know and I will make a reserved listing for you in my Etsy shop if it is still available. This one I made from a vintage feedsack..perfect for a farmhouse cottage or urban farmhouse.
 This bag is 50-60 years old and sports a couple little piggies.
 The back is new vintage denim..I have no idea why this pic got so bright..pardon!
I made 2 of these "flag" pillows. The fronts are vintage ticking ..hmmm..where have I seen that before? 
 ..and the back is part of a burlap coffee bag. I made 2 of these but one needs more stuffing before I sew it closed. (That one says New York and coffee on the back)
 We went to a estate sale on Monday.I missed the first 2 days and I don't even want to THINK about what I missed, but Monday was 1/2 price day. We got quite a few goodies for our Etsy shops, the booth and upcoming shows. I got 2 vintage radios. This one is going on Etsy and a green one (that I discovered after I got home was spray painted green) is going in my booth. They both work!
 This was cool. It is a vintage enameled cast iron toothbrush and glass caddy (It is supposed to go on the wall) I think it would be fab as a candle holder or vase holder!
 I got these on a whim and found out that the were a lot older than I thought..30's-40's. I thought they were 70's repos. They are going to Ebay.
 I got this cute Art Deco brass New Haven alarm clock. One hand is off but it winds up and ticks away. It is right next to my computer as we speak. I'd put the hand back on but I'm afraid I'd break it trying to take it apart! I'll leave that up to its next owner.A actually got several vintage alarm clocks and wish I had bought the ones I left behind!
 I have a love hate relationship with these mugs. I used to think they were fugly, but they really have grown on me AND they are thick and large and keep your coffee nice and hot! They are Hull Oven proof.
 Ed said if I got the mugs, I couldn't leave these behind! Matching Hull salt and pepper.
 I really liked this bottle. It is an old medicine bottle from the turn of the century. It would have had a cork stopper. I think it would be great for daisies!
 The estate former owner was a doctor. His shed had exam tables , these and several sets of gynocologist speculums....????? Ed and I got a bit giggly (after I explained to him the speculums were for taking a gander at your cooter) trying to figure out if he had been giving "exams" in his backyard shed! At least I HOPE he was a doctor! Put your feet in the stirrups Ma'ame and say "AHhhh"!
 I got several sets of solid brass vintage doorknobs to put on Ebay.
And the last of tonight's pics was an old rusty rubber band shooter that is going in one of our Etsy shops.It has seen a lot of wear. Kids didn't used to have rooms full of toys. Everytime my son or grandson tells me "I'm bored I don't know what to do" I say GO PLAY..use your imaginations! And then  kick them outside. I may have to ban then from tv, video games and the computer! We got more things but after these pics today I ran out of steam. I'll share more later. Stop back and see me! 'Til then! Julia

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