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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hand painted Farm Fresh Eggs sign

 Hi guys! I am going nuts getting ready for a couple upcoming shows. We spent the weekend with the boys "Spring Breaking" in Nashville. Of COURSE I forgot my camera. We were glad we didn't go to the beach as planned. It was snowing in Nashville on Sunday and Monday! I can't imagine the beach we were going to was much warmer! We went to the Nashville Flea Market on Saturday. We got a few things, but mostly, things there were priced higher than I would price them at full retail! We did hit a couple estate sales Saturday morning and got some new old things. The above sign was one of my projects for today. It was formerly the table top of the base that is under the clock face table in my last post.
 It was missing a chunk and I pondered filling it in, but decided just to roll with it. I started with crackle medium then added creamy white homemade chalk paint in a couple purposefully uneven coats. I then printed my words du jour on the computer and rubbed the back with a pencil and then traced them on. I painted with black acrylic paint. The words aren't exactly the same size or perfect, but that was the look I was going for..yah..that's right...

 I then sanded, scratched and glazed with thinned acrylic paint.
I speckled it with even thinner acrylic paint and let it dry. Then I waxed it with Johnson's paste wax  that I tinted with some brown wax shoe polish..and that's it! All ready for me to add a hanger. I have tons of projects I thought up this weekend and I hope to get some done and "show  & told" on here before the show(s). Til next time! Julia

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