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Monday, February 25, 2013

Why I have been missing in action..

 Hi guys! Wow..I stink at blogging. Not something I should announce but..oh well..I HAVE been gone for a couple weeks! I have not been gone literally..I have been here working my patootie off (also not literally). That huge pile of stuff from my last post has been wrangled into our new storage shed, my booth and is covering up part of my family room sorted into boxes of things to list. This huge canister is one thing I have to list yet. I added a vintage enamel lid that fit perfectly..actually I think this is the small one..I have a bigger one just like it to list too. Perfection for laundry soap,to house a collection or terrarium or even as a fish tank! I used one like this as a fish tank until 2 of out 3 fish suffered mysterious just completely vanished. We eyed the remaining fish suspiciously and renamed him "Highlander" ..there can be only one! I downsized his tank as punishment and now it is just him hiding in his plastic pineapple under the sea..old cranky pants...
 I like this old grocery store advertising poster..just fab.
 This lovely piece I shipped out today to its new home.
 I got 3 pairs of vintage "roper" boots. These remind me of my Dad..he wears ones like this..farmer boots. We have had a week and a half of heart scare with him in which he spent a few days in the hospital having a heart procedure to regulate his heart rate. Scary for all of us! He is back home recuperating now..praise the Lord! I would have kept these boots if they would have fit me!
 I listed a lot of vintage enamelware from spoons and dippers..
 to coffeepots and more. I love this color of cheery!
 I found this unusual Mid Century pottery vase at an estate maker's mark. I have it on EBay right now. So fabulous..I almost kept it!
 This antique doll bed came from our Indiana trip.
 So did 2 of these vintage china glove molds. These were used to make latex sculptural and fun!
 This set of Swedish enamelware is already at its new home in California!
 This cute washboard lasted a day in my shop..also in a new home now. I like the Busy Bee graphic.These make cool magnet boards!
 This is a fav of mine, it is some sort of chicken feeder but look how perfect it is as a votive candle (or vase) holder!
 These old Authors cards shipped out today too...I love old paper game pieces and ephemera. I used to play Authors with my Grandpa. His cards were circa 1950's..I think these were older.
 These were fab too..heart shaped old locks! These were pretty big and have also went to a new home. I thought these would be cool wedding decor linked together. I love old rusty things!
 I listed a few sets of old locks. I liked these because they have a perfect area for adding a photo or art.
 Rusty crusty scissors..these actually still cut paper..cute for decor in a sewing room or studio.
 I listed a couple of these enamelware trays..great to corral vintage barware or bottles and even better as a magnet board!
 The coolest old bottle I've had in awhile. This is an antique apothecary bottle of chloroform. It had some in it but I had to dump it can't ship it. I was trying to not breathe it myself and keeping curious cats away with my foot so none of us ended up stretched out knocked out in the back yard! Such an odd life I have!
 I listed a few sets of these in my husband's shop..vintage and antique wrenches. These have such a cool sculptural element..they'd look great framed. I've been trying to figure out how to turn them into drawer handles (I need a welder though). I actually did take welding class in high school..because that's where all the boys were..I did get A's and B's though!
 Some vintage or antique oak veneered sewing machine drawers. I have upcycled some of these previously, but I like these as is.
Last pic and my latest story. This is an antique camera..I love these just as cool.

My story?? So this Saturday my husband and I went estate "sale-ing" (the only  sale-ing I do) and we pulled up to a sale where the parking spots were all full. My husband is great about dropping me off at the door and going and parking the van..such a gentleman...except as I was exiting the van I was pulling on my sweater and accidentally slammed part of it in the van door..and he drove off! Luckily I only had one arm in it thus sparing myself from being drug alongside the van! I was yelling and running and peeled out of it pretty quickly and watched him drive off with it flapping in the door until he ran over the sash or sleeve and it jerked free. I went and collected it and he kept on his merry way. He got an earful when he got in the sale! LOL Of course he spun it as MY fault since I shut it in the door..whatEVER! Ah sales aren't for the faint hearted!   In my future blog posts, I hope to do some tutorials of some of the things I have been making or made in the do check back! 'Til next time! Julia

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The Polka Dot Closet said...

Isn't that just like a man, it is never their fault!! What a haul of great things! I love the hands!