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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Antique sale booty

 Hi guys!My husband has this week off work for "vacation" and he is trying to work me to death! We left in the minivan on Friday afternoon for an antique sale in Indiana. We picked up a 16 foot truck in Lexington and spent the night in Louisville. Saturday morning we hit the road at 6am. He had the truck and I followed in the minivan. It was dark..and snowing.. and the road was covered with frozen slush and packed snow. I forgot what the joys of driving on icy snowy roads actually were, but I was soon reminded! His truck kept throwing football sized chunks of snow at me as we crept along. Uphill wasn't bad but sliding downhill on a curve was no fun! I remembered to tap tap tap the brakes and at one point I think I may have yelled "Jesus take the wheel!"  I was so tense and my face kept getting closer to the wheel, my shoulders closer to my ears as I white knuckled it to our destination. Praise the Lord we made it without a trip to the ditch!
 The sale we went to is an annual one where a man buys all year for this sale. You never know what he will find but we have been there several times. It was run indoors and outdoors. I was a bit rusty in my bidding skills and too slow and cheap at first. But after I got a few buys under my belt, I was right back in the groove. It was in the 20's and there was snow on the ground. I had realized the night before that my Southern coat was woefully thin and made Ed take me to Walmart for some longjohns a hat, scarf and gloves! I was layered up! Standing on ice/snow is never fun..the cold seeps through your shoes until your feet ache. So I bought a short stepladder to sit on whilst I bid. I didn't notice that there was only an old piece of bale-ing twine holding the front legs to the back and finally, while I was sitting on it bidding broke! The legs went 2 directions and I went one ..straight down! If I had only hit the ground it would have been merely embarrassing..but I landed ON the ladder and now I am sporting a bruise the size of an orange on the back of my leg! Ouch! The embarrassment was pretty painful too but I mostly tried not to make eye contact with anyone! My husband was coming up to talk to me just as I fell and I missed grabbing his hand by an inch. The auctioneer accused HIM of kicking the ladder out from under me and after a good laugh we carried on.
 We filled the truck to the gills, the truck's front seat and the entire back of my minivan! It was a good day. We spent Saturday night and Sunday visiting our daughter at IU in Bloomington. She is a first year Optometry student there. Also got  to see and spoil the grand-dog Sarge. Monday bright and early it was back on the road home. We spent Tuesday morning unloading the truck onto pallets on our carport. We are in the middle of having a new storage shed put up but it won't be done for a day or 2. So we stacked and after these pics, tarped. I got lots of industrial wire baskets,crates,lighting, galvanized buckets and tubs, rusty tin and metal, 2 trashcans full of vintage wooden banister pieces, corbels, windows,  shutters,and enough scythes for an army of grim reapers!
You can see a couple of the primitive painted pieces peeking out here. There was also a 1840's grain painted mantel from a stagecoach stop. Lots of farm bits and rusty this and thats. I think there are 2 treadle sewing machines and 2 extra bases.

 These were some tin these! (I have a very junky taste level)

 Anyone need a cow milking stanchion, a shovel or a hay grapple? I have truly forgotten a lot of what we bought and as we were both buying from 2 different buying rings, I probably haven't seen it all! What I have mentioned is the tip of the iceberg.
There was a mid century dining room cabinet with chrome legs that is already in my local booth (before I latched onto it myself!) I liked this little industrial cart. It has a glass top that I took off for safe keeping. I will be working on listing these items for quite awhile! I will be popping back in now and again to keep you up to speed on my latest shenanigans! (Unless Ed DOES work me to death..everytime I take a break with a cup of coffee he comes in and catches me and he gives me the stink eye! When is he going back to work anyways?) Til then! Julia


Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Oh my goodness, what an adventure!

Unknown said...

hahaha, sorry about the stepladder incident, but I probably would have laughed too. you have some great stuff there!!!