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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Indian Summer Fall flowers

 Hi guys! I have been so slack on my blog posting lately! I have been busy but lately I have been flying without my camera.. We did an antique show this weekend that was gooorgeous.. and of course I forgot my camera at home! Boo! I am sharing some photos today of the flowers in my shameful flowerbeds. I went out this morning to hang something on the line and spotted this rose. It smells fabulous..a rosy, fruity,spicy clove fav rose scent! That is how my Gramma's roses that she transplanted to my mom and dad's farm smelled. They were also this bright pink but not a tea rose. I think they were a floribunda. I also sniff for that scent when buying roses and these are close. I think they are a Perfume Delight or maybe a Queen Elizabeth.This is my favorite color of rose too.
 My flower beds and garden got so bad this year. The 2 weeks we were on vacation it didn't rain and was over 100 every day. My tomatoes actually cooked on the vine. My daughters said they watered them every day except one but my garden was toast! It did start raining after that and my flowers perked up but I horribly ignored them. My dahlias made a good thanks to me!
 I love the IDEA of a garden and I am a good planter, but then...pfffftt! I caught this fat bee enjoying my coleus seed spikes.
 I guess if I had been out there pinching these back like I SHOULD have, I would have missed this guy and he would have missed some pollen!
 Zinnias are fabulous for sadistic gardeners like me. They don't need much attention!
I pretty much plant them willy-nilly knowing that when everything else goes to hell, these will steadfastly soldier on! Cosmos are another good flower for people like me.

 I have volunteer and planted morning glories. They are an easy annual and reseed themselves..usually where I don't need them! I have learned to thin out the young'uns, but it pains me a bit!
I sometimes try to figure out what "season" of my life I am in. I classified myself as being in the Summer of my life for quite awhile. I now feel myself sliding into Indian Summer..getting a bit weedy and ramshackle, but still hanging on for all I am worth and sprouting off a bloom now and again! Hope you all are having a great week! Julia

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The Polka Dot Closet said...

You still have some fabulous flowers for this time of year!! You said you were selling the green mason jars, people love them, but they are hard to find. The wedding garters, you know I might just go into a little of the wedding business after I get through this wedding...Now that I am all educated on the latest trends. The garter she picked was the one with the big silver beaded applique, guess it is all the rage...Who knew!