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Thursday, September 6, 2012

My favorite manicure

Hi guys! I am under the weather tonight with allergies..I think ragweed is peaking! I have taken 2 Benadryl today and a glass of muscadine wine tonight so I should be out like a light shortly! This is just a short post about my fav manicure..Bugles! When I was little and we got a box (bags now) of Bugles, my sisters and I always made "witchy nails"! I think Bugles have shrunk a fingers have not grown THAT much...have they? I always see all the manicure pics on "the Pinterest" so I thought I would share mine! I do love pretty nails, but as I work with my hands a LOT, I seldom paint my fingernails and have never had a professional manicure! I am too embarrassed about the general state of my fingers and the thought of someone else handling my hands and feet creeps me out a bit! My toes ALWAYS sport a coat of nail pretty little secret! They are currently a glittery copper orange but have been many shades of pink,coral, red, blue and purple. My nails are always kept short as if they get any length they "bug" me. Also the chance of having 10 all the same length is pretty much nil! Some have some odd bumps and they tend to peel  or break at the corners...maybe because I use them as tools all day! I think painted long nails are pretty, but I never want to see them on my waitress or especially my nurse or doctor! I think the germ culture from under any given long nail would be scary! When I was little I would look at my mom's generally unpainted nails (she would use clear or pale pink polish every once in awhile) and snottily think, "My hands are NEVER going to look like THAT!" Now I glance down and see my mom's hands at the ends of my wrists! But that is OK. I know they are creative hands and busy hands and loving hands..busy wiping little noses and behinds, creating things for my store, making meals and giving hugs and that is a fine trade off for me!


Scrollwork said...

I'm trying to remember what food item we favored for standing in as big-girl cosmetics. Loved the witchy nails!

When I teach dance, I cringe when women come in with their acrylic nails. Those things can put an eye out if they're not careful.

Hope your allergies subside soon! Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

When my kids were little they would stick black olives on their fingers! I like your witchy nails!