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Monday, March 19, 2012

New projects, upcycles and vintage tablecloths

Hi guys! This is some more of what I was working on this weekend. This first piece used to be a silver painted metal fishing tackle box. It still had some hooks in it!
I gave the outside a shabby white paint job and a collaged on paper number 6 that I color copied from some old church choir numbers I have. They are too thick to glue on in the original form and I want to save the originals to make more anyways!
The inside is robin's egg blue..of course! I had to restrain myself from adding something inside the lid too..maybe a cigar box label copy or some handpainted rosebuds!The next few images are of my vintage wallpaper mini gift bags.This is my new favorite color and electric peacock blue! So unexpectedly yummy! If I knew how to make an Etsy treasury, I would make one of this color combo... This wallpaper I got from my friend's shop. She had lots of pages from old sample books she was selling. I pretty much made a paper pig of myself! These are from the 1960's-70's and are more what I would recommend for this type of project. My older wallpaper is too brittle and cracks when folded. I have reinforced some for smaller projects by applying mailing tape to the reverse amd Mod-Podge to the fronts. It makes it less brittle.
The centers are paper punches from a vintage French fairy tale book and butterflies from Dover Press.
The handles are vintage taffetta ribbon.
If I sell these online it would be in batches of 6 to make shipping more feasible. I may just sell them in my booth.
These last couple pics are of 2 vintage tablecloths I got last week. I love these vintage cloths. These were in pretty good shape.
So cheerful!
This one has aqua fresh! ( And now the text is blue!)
I also have one with cherries that is cute but spotted. I am going to try to remove the spots, but it may end up as fabric for projects.
This is my constant helper my grandson Hunter. We always have to take his pic too when I am taking pics of other things. Yes that is a pj top. If he is at home he is in pj's...he has quite the assortment! Well I am off to take my son Jack to baseball practice. Until next time! Julia


Unknown said...

those prints are so cheerful! :)

Angela said...

LOVE the butterflies!