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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Vintage buy of the week

Hi guys! I went to an estate sale this weekend. It was a nice old brick 2 story w/ lots of goodies. I was sorta late getting there the first day because..well..I didn't read the estimated drive time on my yahoo directions. I was there before they opened but was # 66 in line. They only let 30 in at first but they had a basement and garage and those were open to anyone so off I went. I immediatelt snabbed an antique painted mantle for $35..but as I had driven the minivan, and since I had not anticipated buying anything large, I had not removed the seats. I doubt I could've gotten it in there anyways! I did 20 minutes of measuring and finagle-ing and sweating before I gave it up as a lost cause and decided I would have to come back the next day. I am already foggy about what else I bought..some rolls of vintage wallpaper, blue mason jars, old tin film canisters,Pyrex chem beakers, old apothecary bottles, red and white toile fabric, old white fancy frames..hmmm...seemed like a bigger pile than that! Anyways I had to admit my over zealousness to my husband and the next morning, we went back with the pickup to get the mantle. It is now in my antiques booth..I shall have to take some pix! (I just realized I never priced it..oops!) It was 25% off day and I went through the house again and found this coat which I had not seen the day before. It was a 1970's wool maxi coat with shearling collar and cuffs..and no price tag. I asked one of the estate sale ladies how much and she said, $5 minus 25%..$3.75! I almost squealed! I made my daughter model it for me to take was 96 degrees outside..I am so mean! We got a bit giggly....
"I don't know what to do with my hands!"
"It is SOOOOO hot!!!!" I think she had her eyes shut in every pic..she asked, "Are you going to crop my head off?" Yeah..suuuuure.
And back view..I love this and cannot wait til cold weather to wear it! I shall feel like a princess!

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My Life Under the Bus said...

Hahaha - Awesome score! What are you supposed to do with your hands??? Maybe study Vanna White??? hahahaha - As far -cookies I think each of us has to alter our computers to ALLOW them to use 3rd party cookies which in the past have also been used for spam and phishing. I am thinking they have a good and bad side. The article had soooooo much info - so does that website I had to post it! I haven't caught up on all the reading yet!!!You seem to have the comment process that works! I hope that helps - I'm working on it myself!