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Friday, June 10, 2011

My repurposed Moss Terraium

Hi guys! I love houseplants but alas..I have a short attention span for watering things. I have always loved the look of moss and we have some that grows outside our house in the shady places. I wanted to see if I could bring some inside. I had some I transplanted to terracotta pots (that ended sadly) I stuck in mini vintage plastic deer, some mini vintage plastic mushrooms ( I use the word "vintage" a LOT) and on one I even added a packing tape laminated cut out of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards faces..get it?? Rolling Stones gather no moss?? LOL I am weird and do things that make nobody but me crack family worries about me! I do think if Mick and Keith were made into garden gnome statues they would sell like hotcakes..but again I digress.. This pic shows the globe sitting on top of a favorite McCoy planter of mine (I love turquoise/aqua!)
This is a vintage rose dome. It was meant to display a plastic or silk rose (my Gramma had one and I think her's had water in it too) I think this one was marked "Bowl of Beauty" on the bottom. There is a lid that screws off. I added moss that had a pad of dirt still attached to the bottom, watered it, squooshed it back in the jar (technical term) and screwed it back together. There is a black plastic ring that the jar sits in to make it schmantzier looking.
3 weeks later and still alive! I think I need to add a smidge of water at this point but hey..not bad! Keep your eyes peeled for these jars at thrift stores, estate sales etc. I think this one was $5, but I have found them cheaper. Have a great day and happy junking! Til next time! Julia

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What a wonderful project! I have one of those that I use in the studio as storage for small letters. It would be much better as a terrarium!