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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Raised Beds part Deux and more Garden Junk!

I have been busy this last week (and my husband too!) working on the raised beds. They are now all assembled and planted! I unrolled some tomato cages and draped them over the top to discourage the cats from using them as their litter boxes and to keep the peacocks out.
What a weird garden pest to have..peacocks! These are my new tomatoes. I went for mostly heirloom varieties and one cherry tomato plant for the boys. My 8 yr old son and 2 yr old grandson looove cherry tomatoes!
What's up with the egg carton you ask? I used it to space my seeds! I saw a fancy schmantzy "dibble" that Martha Stewart had "professionally crafted" (scoff) and figured this would work just as well! You just "smooosh" (technical term) the egg caton down to make indentations and add your seeds in the dimples. For smaller lettuce and spinach I put a seed or 2 in each dimple.
For peas and beans I skipped a hole. These are raised beds and have optimal "straight from Lowe's" garden soil (24 bags per bed!) and you are SUPPOSED to be able to crowd them. We'll see how this works! I can always thin.This last one is our berry patch..raspberries, as my grandson says, "blubarbs" (rhubarb) and blueberries. We think the poor baby is allergic to strawberries. He broke out in a rash when he ate them in his baby food. We may give it another try to make sure.I can't imagine life without strawberries!
This is some more of my favorite garden"junk". I love old metal lawn chairs! This one I painted aqua about 5 years ago..time for a new coat. I sort of like the crusty rusty look but don't want it to rust away!So maybe aqua again or if I can find it bright hot magenta pink..hmmm..
I think I may flank this one with the other 2 and make a garden "couch". A couple pillows and I'd be set! I mentioned a new KMart metal patio end table to my husband trying to steer him in the right direction for Mother's Day but he said (shocker) I'd rather find something old! Good boy!! I just need a place to set my drinks. I do have a slab of marble and a birdbath base you can see lurking in my garden pics..hmmmm.
This last one is my very favorite piece of garden junk. This is the cupola off my great grandpa Hardie's barn! I never met him except through pictures and DNA. I went to the "home farm" a few years back. Still family owned but nobody has lived there for years. The barn was torn down and dragged into a "burn pile". I spotted this in the pile an pulled it out and carted it back to TN from SD.My husband understands me! It even has a bullet hole through it. This is covering the well head faucet. I want to make a base for it ..I was envisioning a simple platform. I was talking to my husband and he said"how about a roof?" I told him, Son..just knock yourself out!" So maybe... Here's hoping you have a great day and stop on back! We are going estate sale-ing this weekend so keep your fingers crossed that I find some great stuff to share on here! I have been dreaming of great estate sales lately so maybe it is a foreshadowing! Hope so! Til next time! Julia


Liz said...

testing...testing... and OMG you have peacocks!?!?!?

Teresa Kline said...

wow, the beds are awesome....hope your week is fabulous!

enjoy *~*

looks like your comments are working...great!