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Monday, April 25, 2011

Adventures in Raised Bed Gardening

Hi guys! I have been considering raised bed gardening for awhile and an Etsy team member's post re-ignited the spark. I realized I had all the wood I needed sitting in my shed. I had an antique/vintage store for 10 years and when I closed it 2 years ago I took apart my shelving and saved it for later use. There was a stack of 12" x 8 foot boards. I didn't want to waste any wood so I decided to make my beds 4' x 8'. Each bed took 3 eight foot cut in half for the ends.
Weused scrap 2x4 for the corner braces. My husband did all the circular saw work because I hate the noise and am a menace..last time I sucked the cord up beside the blade!
He also has more screw driving power than me, but that is actually MY drill driver..I use it more than he does! (I think it is my 3rd one..I wore the first 2 out!)
My daughter Alexa got to staple thick plastic sheeting to the inside of the boards. I thought it would be good to have a moisture barrier between the soil and wood so the beds would last longer. I think I could have re-used the bags the soil came in and stapled them along the sides, but I didn't think of that until my last bed!

My ground was less than even so where there were gaps on one end, I blocked them w/ some edging I had. Stones or bricks would work too. I have fought with Tennessee clay for 12 years and I am hoping this works better! More to come! Julia

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