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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Strawberry picking time in Tennessee

 It's strawberry time in Tennessee!
Jack didn't have school today. Tomorrow is his last day/awards day. So this morning bright and early we headed to the U Pick Strawberry fields.
 My 2 industrious helpers, my grandson Hunter and youngest son Jaxon. Note Jack's footwear. His mother TOLD him flip flops were a bad idea but left it up to him for the final decision.
 There are rows and rows of strawberries. It has been raining a TON here so I figured it would be muddy and I was right.
 You have to get there early to beat the crowds and get the best and easiest berries.
 The little old folks are out there bright and early! I don't always care about getting the biggest berries so an extra half hour of sleep on a "day off" from hauling Jack to school is fine by me!
 It is fun searching for treasure.Some are right on top and some are under the leaves.
 I find myself getting greedy looking for the next big bunch and fitting as many into my $10 bucket as I can.
 It was beautiful this morning..70 degrees and towards the end the sun was warming the exposed berries. It is quiet and peaceful and meditative as it can be with 4 and 10 year old boys "This is a WHOPPER!" This one looks like a butt! I'm stuck in the mud!Good!Then I get your XBox!" I maaaay have eaten this one.

 Strawberry gorgeousness!
Of course Mom was right and Jack got his flip flops stuck in the mud and he was pretty muddy too..hmmm. Now onto rinsing, eating, strawberry shortcakes and freezing! Hope you have a great day too! Til next time! Julia


Ashley Pahl said...

That looks like so much fun! It's been about 15 years since I went strawberry picking... now that I have two little girls, we really need to do that.

Hannah said...

This looks like such fun, and those strawberries are delicious I bet. I'm very jealous of your sunny skies, the weather has been terrible here in the UK. Take care!

hopeandjoyhome said...

It really was fun and fresh vine ripened strawberries are luscious..I don't want to know how many I ate today!We had fresh sweet corn on the cob for supper too. I love fresh produce! Ashley, you should take is so memorable! Hannah it has been soo rainy here..we are almost 24" of rain ahead of schedule for this time of the much rain! Today it was sunny and rainy. The sky was a gorgeous blue and still rain!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

OH man nothing better then strawberry short cake...I can taste it now. What a fun day for the kids!