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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Weekend antique and handmade show

Hi guys! For some reason this post wanted to post itself before I got any words added! I did a show this weekend in Knoxville..The Gathering Show. It is a newish show for Knoxville, it has been running in Nashville for a few years. I did the fall show so this was my 2nd in Knoxville. This is a vintage tutu I took (sold). I thought it was so adorable!
When I got it, it didn't have the rosette, but I thought it needed a bit of "something" so I dipped this vintage net rosette in Rit dye (petal pink) and pinned it to the waist.
I made these upcycled "shrines" out of antique claw foot tub feet and tart tins. Here they have some of my photo ornaments on them..that is my Gramma Hardie on the left and Gramma Cleberg in the middle. They are just color copies that I colored further and Mod Podged to 1/8" luan plywood that I painted. I have a bunch that I display on my Christmas tree and year 'round.

I made hooks from vintage silverplate spoons and forks. You can use these as a hook hung "upright" and as a funiture pull used sideways.
My van was packed to the gills as usual..I had old 6 pane windows, posts and table legs and some cool old interior shutters. They all sold well and I need to take more to my next show.
I took the top off my tent and used just the frame to hang up my clothesline for my vintage baby dresses. This is a "before" pic. It looked cool..sort of like an arbor and didn't block the light since this was indoors. My pics are NOT good..I think I had my camera on!Here you can sort of see my ladder shelves. I set up 2 same size ladders and run boards through the steps for shelves. Folds flat and easy for me to set up alone..which is what usually happens!
A partial "after" You can see a bit of the chalkboard antique frames I did on the floor in the other pics of them were blurrier than this!
Two Arne Jacobson series 7 chairs and the heaviest wooden folding chairs ever (those sold) in cream and red.The shabby pale green boxes on the ladder (sold) were tin receipt boxes and were cool as heck. I have some more in the shed for the next show. I made the fabric totes.
Pillows, wire cloches and the copper plant markers..sold some of all those.
Gardeny table with vintage barkcloth, tools hooks and the most perfectly verdigris-ed tea kettle ever (sold)Fab for a planter.
Vintage Nylint truck, candleholder, votives and another chalkboard. I've been on the lookout for succulents..I got these at KMart!
Some seed flats left over from my former store, vintage wire baskets (I think those sold too) and galvinized buckets with vintage tin roofing tiles.
My clothesline of vintage baby dresses..I needed more clothesline but apparently left the rest at home (of course!)
Buried under here was a cool metal folding chair (sold) My online sleuthing said it was Russel had the most perfect shabby green paint! The pillows are ones I make of vitage textiles and the stool is a stainless steel medical that look!
Here's the Arne Jacobson chairs these too.
You can see a bit of the metal cups that I added Frenchy decals to..perfect for votives!
The primitive cabinet is now in my livingroom holding our TV on top least for the time being. I love that blue and it was skinny enough to fit on our hearth.A wire dress form with a cute vintage apron.
These are my latest creation..French decal-ed enamelware. I did pitchers, the small cups and these canisters.
Red ones plus decaled votives.
The blue ones..I think these are my fav color.
A cool Italian candle/plant holder. I had a little lady offer me half for this (snort) and I politely declined and counter offered $5 off. She walked off and came back later and got it. Overall the show had lowish attendence, it was the first nice Saturday here. The line for the zoo was backed up to the interstate! However, the shoppers that were there were buying so it turned out a B- show for me.

Except for these vintage Frye boots I bought for $20! I was actually just that morning trying to justify buying a new pair ($400+ for the pair I liked) but these will do nicely ...A+ on the boots! I have a show in Nashville not this weekend but the next and am busy getting things back in my local booth and online on Etsy and Ebay. We mowed the lawn yesterday and my sympathies to my SD friends and relatives that got an ice storm and lots of snow this weekend! "Til next time! Julia

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