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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Working on my Christmas Card

Hi guys! I wanted to share what I have been up to lately. Mostly trying to get orders out in my Etsy shop, but last night I did (finally) make my Christmas card "front". I have been trying mixed media pieces. This didn't turn out as a WOW piece for me, but it isn't too heinous for my Christmas card..they are all family and friends anyways..right? I started with watercolor paper and added washes of watercolor and thinned acrylic paints in blues and yellows. I stamped it with thinned acrylic paints and toned it down a bit with chalks. I wanted sort of a updated folk art look with bright colors. I added a white tree and a pink heart  and a partridge and a pear made from vintage papers and scrapbook paper. I added details in felt tip and acrylic. I stamped it with my antique store sign stamps in various fonts..and thar she blows! I have vowed this year to dive deeper into painting and art and to be brave and just dive right in. I tend to over worry that my stuff will be bad or that I'm not sure what my style is yet but I guess if I do it enough, I will find my stride. I guess nobody has ever drowned from diving in the art deep end and if I like it, that is all that matters! I still have tons of candy making to do and at least 2 more buying jaunts for gifts (I have to do it in small doses!) I hope to get a couple things made for my girls too and if I do, I'll share them after Christmas!Wishing you a stress free week and Christmas cheer! Til next time! Julia

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Duni said...

I think your card turned out fabulous and it does indeed have a folk art feel! I love the big red heart :) I'm sure everyone will be thrilled to receive a handmade card from you this Christmas!
best wishes,