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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Vintage Hats

Hi guys! We went to an antique auction this last Saturday and  ended up with a LOT of vintage hats..a vertible hat-a-palooza! I have spent the day sorting, cleaning, photographing and listing! I really liked this first pink one..

I also had to make a display head to take hat pictures WITH. I made her last night. She is a collaged wig stand that I also painted...I never know when to just stop! This violet strewn hat sold right away.
So did this gorgeous one..palest mauve pink with roses. I collaged "Madeline" with vintage French to English dictionary pages..then added marker, pencil, watercolor and acrylic paints..her hair was a last minute addition. My daughter said it made her look finished! She will be for sale in my handmade shop later.

This is a cool flower covered "cage" hat.

                                                 This braid one is soooo chic!

A velour cocktail hat with rhinestone trim...

And a black straw a jaunty angle..that always reminds me of the SpongeBob cartoon about Squidward and the seabears.."Never wear your hat at a jaunty angle..sea bears hate that!"

 A black lace covered hat with a bow..

A cool black and white straw hat with white flower trim.

A blue velour (this may be mohair) with a birdcage net and buckle trim..Shagadelic Baby! This one needs a mini skirt and white go-go boots!
This is an over the top red and white floral covered one..I think these are geraniums.

This has pretty blue velvet looks like ones my aunt's bridesmaids wore in 1969..except her's were pale green (I was the flower girl) I have another boxful I haven't even taken pics of yet..some need steaming and some are plain-ish and may get some flower trim...I can never leave well enough alone! Wishing you a dreamy week! Til next time! Julia


Aledia said...

Oh my! those are all so very pretty, I just love vintage hats!!

Your model looks fabulous, you did a fantastic job!!

Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful night!
Aledia @ Plum Perfect

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Those are fabulous hats! What a treasure trove.

Paige @ Little Nostalgia said...

Oh wow! I really love a couple of the black ones. I wanted to wear a vintage hat when I got married, but I never did find one that worked. Ah well...

Susan said...

Your hat model is gorgeous!!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

OMG I love hats!!! I just bought the pink one! I would die to win a lot of hats at auction! I agree with you on what you look for I am always looking for vintage fabric and I love HATS


Meg said...

The hats are fantastic, but what i am really liking is the paper mache head. Did you make that yourself and do you have a tutorial for it? I would love to make one for myself ... it looks awesome!