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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My vintage Map Paper Roses

Hi! I have been making these for awhile. I learned to make roses when I was a teenager, making them for my cousins wedding. She had 8 attendants who all carried baskets of flowers, her flowers, altar flowers, groom and groomsmen, flowers for the hall..My mom and aunts and I made bushels of flowers! I reused those skills to make these. The idea came to me one night while I was TRYING to sleep. That's when my brain usually goes to overdrive! I like the pastel colors of the old maps..buttermint, sherbet-y shades. This is a full blown rose I am working on. Still need to add a leaf and calyx.
These are some boutonnieres I just finished for a wedding. The groom's flower has a crystal beaded heart encircling 2 larger beads (bride and groom). You can sort of see it upside down at the bottom of this pic.

A close up. I have some more vintage paper flowers I am working on for another person's bouquet. Those are a different style and made of sheet music..when I am done I will share here! I hope everything is coming up roses for you today! Til next time! Julia


Soulful Journals by This Is It! Creations said...

These are so pretty! :)

Donna said...

GASP!!! Those are beautiful! I need to know how to make them!

Victoria said...

These are beautiful!