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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lilacs and Butterflies guys are totally going to hate me! Look what I found in my backyard this morning! THE LILACS ARE BLOOMING!!

I can never get used to how early they bloom here. In SD where I grew up it was late April or May. One year I missed them blooming and I was so bummed! Lilacs realy don't do as well in the South. When we moved in this house there were 2 almost dead bushes. I dug the grass away from their roots and Miracle Growed them for a few months. The next summer they took off! They still aren't as spectacular as up north but beggars can't be choosers. They..smell..heavenly!
This little guy thought so too..not sure what breed he is. In my hometown, in the park they had rows and rows of lilac bushes..they were huge. When we lived in Fargo, the bushes in the backyard were 12-15 feet tall. You has to climb on the roof of the garage to get the big blooms on the top!

These always remind me of my Gramma Hardie too.. she loved flowers and had lilac perfume. I didn't pick any today, they are just starting, but I will have vases full on my table later in the week! Wishing you great surprises today too! Until next time! Julia


A. Alexandra said...

I love lilacs. They are one of my favorite flowers but I'm highly allergic to them. :-(

Lulu Grey said...

Beautiful photos. I love lilacs, but we are months away from them here. One day, I want to go to Mackinac Island Lilac Festival. The entire island is supposed to be covered with them.

FabricFascination said...

The spring flowers are my absolute favorites. I have two small lilac bushes and wait for them to bloom every spring.

Melissa at said...

I used to buy lilac oil to wear as perfume, just so I could smell that scent year round. It truly is the BEST smell ever!


OnePerfectDay said...

I'm another lilac fan!
I like the smell but it's really those numerous perfect little purple flowers all bunched up together that get me.

artsyclay said...

How beautiful!!!! We have lots of pretty things blooming in NC too.