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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Summer wrap up Mixed media, garden and more I have been up to

 Hi guys! I have fallen head over heels into Instagram and my blog has be ignored this summer. SO a catch up! I played with my camera phone this summer. I did some manual layering of transparencies

 of vintage and antique photos from my stash and outdoor "backgrounds".

 Some I manually "matted" with what I think were old lawnmower gaskets..I never use anything as intended!

 School has started and my "baby" is an 8th grader this year. It gets me out of the house earlier and I caught this foggy morning shot of the neighbor's old barn taking him to school one morning.

I stalked a few butterflies on my buddleia (nicknamed butterfly bush for a good reason) This is a spicebush swallowtail.

Yellow swallowtail...
 There has been a black and blue  limenitis arthemis  taunting me on the deck the last couple mornings. He won't let me get a pic though..and I have no clue why my font changed

  A bee on the echinacea in my flowerbed. The bees were busy this summer.

 My magnolia tree had a lot of beautiful blossoms. They have a heavy green floral scent, but brown quickly if you pick them.

 Morning annual you have to only plant once and you have it reseeding forever!

 Some overtaking one of my shabby metal lawnchairs..

  A couple vintage bears I  got estate sale-ing. They both sold to the same person..still together!

 I caught a couple "heart signs" from my baby in heaven. He likes to "send" me random hearts..

 This one was in my iced tea!

 I spent some time snoozing with my crack staff Annie and Daisy..

 My pears are bowing the tree..

 My tomatoes were great..the rest of my garden mostly disastrous!

 My apples just started producing this year but the birds took most of them..and ALL of the cherries!

 I found this girl estate sale-ing still sewn into her box in a dusty barn loft,

 I released her and repainted her and used her in a mixed media piece..never too late to shine!

 Ed brought me a box of old clock parts to play with next!

 A visitor to my garden..

 With the wedding in June we didn't go to SD in July. I have had these lilies planted for years but this is only the second time I actually got to see them bloom! They are usually buds when we leave and done when we get home!

 The creepy barn loft I climbed into estate sale-ing..oh the places we will go!

 I've dug out some of my cigar boxes of goodies to play with..sparkly bits..

 Vintage hardware and buttons and buckles....

 A mixed media angel I made  from vintage bits and a paper clay head.

And on we go into the fall! Follow me on Instagram at hopeandjoyhome I try to post content daily. Hope you all had a great summer too! Til next time, Julia

Friday, June 24, 2016

Hope and Jake's wedding

Whew.. this last 2 months has been a blur, It started in early May when Hope graduated from Optometry school at Indiana University. She then moved home and we had a month to finish all the wedding plans. She had been gone on internships the last year of her schooling, Indiana, South Carolina and Nebraska. Not ideal for wedding planning!
I made a bunch of  paper roses from coffee filters for mostly church décor.
I bought silk flowers online and at Walmart, Freds and even the Dollar store
I made the boutonnieres with coffee filter rosebuds, gold metallic leaves and sheet music leaves. I added wired pearly beads for bling. When we pinned them on with pearl headed corsage pins, you didn't have to hide the pin blended in. I also made all the bridesmaid bouquets.
For the reception centerpieces Ed and I bought a big blue Rubbermaid 20 gallon tote of clear glass vases at an estate sale for $3! There were over 2 dozen vases in 3 different styles and also votive holders.
I glittered the bases on some, the interior of shallow vase/bowls on others to which I added glass votive holders (also in the tote) which I gave a faux gold mercury glass treatment to and added battery tea lights. She had almost 30 tables we did centerpieces for, for not much! I found 9 foot long navy satin table runners online for 87 CENTS each (Shipping was $20 but oh well!)
I recycled the pew bows from our daughter Alexa's wedding in January. I removed her purple flowers, left the cream center rose and added the pink paper roses I made. I did 14 of these. They are just hot glued on a rectangle of white felt and that is pinned to a tulle bow that we tied around the pew end.

She wanted 2 large arrangements for in front of the altar. I got 2 large plastic urns at Freds for $15 each, 2 hanging ferns at Lowes for $8 each and stuck in silk flowers. These were a fav of mine.
We needed 2 smaller but still sizable arrangements for the back altar. The navy "vase" is a wastebasket from Walmart for a few bucks. More silk flowers. FYI the same floral foam blocks that are $3-$4 elsewhere are $1 at the Dollar Store!
I made these chalkboard reserved signs for some of the tables at the reception. I added a border of elongated hearts and dots. My kids were making fun of them..I believe the term "tiny dicks" was bantered Note to more elongated hearts. (this is one of the 87 cent table runners) Besides all the vases in the $3 tote, there were also a lot of votive holders and small bowls like these we used for tealites.

 Hope's bouquet. I used silk flowers and some of my handmade sheet music roses. I added pearls on wire for added bling. Pearl is Hope's birthstone...I have 2 Gemini girls! Her veil she borrowed from her friend Mandy who was married last year and was also in the wedding. All the photos from here on are by Brittany Conner Photography of Knoxville, TN

 Her dress was not a DIY or cheap (lol) but when we got it, the little bridal shop gal helping us whispered "Do NOT buy your belt one online!" They were $300-$400 each. I bought the rhinestone applique on Ebay for I think $25-$30 and we bought the exact ribbon she wanted at Jo-Anns Fabrics for another couple bucks...and it was nicer than the ones in the bridal shop!

Extreme not close up!  Her colors were blush, navy and metallic gold. Hard to get a close up of this many people! I did not take a single pic at the wedding..too busy!

Goof shot.

Happy couple Hope and Jake. They have been together a long time, through college and her optometry school. They are very happy to be finally married!
Some more of the reception décor. It was a evening wedding so we had a lot of candles, real and battery. A lot of the décor was things from my house and vintage stash.
A beautiful day! I am clearing the decks and getting back to work. Follow me on Instagram at hopeandjoyhome. I try to post there daily. Til next time! Julia

Monday, May 2, 2016

Estate Sales , upcycled bedspring flowers and wedding flowers

 I'm still alive! Long gap since my last post. I have been busy..doing what I am not quite sure! This Saturday morning Ed and I went to an estate sale. It was a bit dark when we hit the road. I think that white line is a firefly..I saw my first ones last week! I am not a morning person, but with estate sales, if you are not an hour early you are late!

 This one was about 45 miles way so it lightened up on the way.

 We filled up the Explorer. The wooden things are vintage wooden tulip bulb trays. They had cool slatted bottoms and were just too cool to pass up. The lady running the sale said she had added shelves to some and made wall units..hmmm...

 I got this vintage the hen. It is double sided so it will make a couple pillows.

 I got a few printed feedsacks too.

 and one awesome silk quilt square.

 I got several antique store ledgers from the 1870s-1890s from Old Bridge New Jersey. How they ended up in Tennessee, I'm not quite sure.

Love the pen and ink notations!

 I got a 1853 Godey's Lady Book that I just realized I haven't gone through yet. Godey's was a ladies magazine and this is a leather bound edition of the 1853's issues. Ma Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie used to read Godey's.  (Says the Laura Ingalls Wilder nerd)

 A fun flower frog. These come in so many different styles and are a fun collectible.

 2 sweet pincushion chairs that I couldn't pass up.Also got some ceiling tins, a wrought iron tea cart, an antique cow lithograph and a Victorian frame and 2 industrial things I am sale!

 I've been listing antique hardware in Ed's etsy shop  These were huge and awesome.. very octopussy (and not in a James Bond film way).

 What I was working on in the studio this week. I had these old springs and wanted a way to upcycle them. I added antique hardware centers.

 Some have leaves from the ledgers I got on Saturday..

Some have vintage bingo card leaves..

This one has antique dictionary text  leaves. They turned out like I imagined in my head which is always a plus. It is a bit of a puzzle getting it from an idea to actuality though.

The living room is filling up with silk flowers for our daughter Hope's wedding next month. She graduated from Indiana University's Optometry program this weekend..Dr. Marlow for a month before getting married! Stay tuned as I will be sharing the floral arrangements I make for her. Til next time! Julia