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Monday, February 9, 2015

Vintage feedsack fabric Weekend bounty

Hi guys! What a weekend! I started at 5am Friday morning getting up and out to an estate sale an hour away. It was 15 degrees! Of course the coldest day so far here! 

 I knew there was going to be vintage feedsack fabric, but didn't know how many others would be looking for it too. I THOUGHT I got there early enough at an hour and a half early and an hour before they were to hand out line numbers, but I was already number 20 in the "unofficial" line.

A lady came later and grumbled about the "unofficial numbers" and said bravely she had heard the lady that runs the sale doesn't recognize the unofficial numbers (she doesn't which is why we were all standing there waiting) and inferred she would "jump line" as we were "unofficial" and what was to stop her?" The number 2 guy said "The 30 people that are standing in front of you!" There was chuckling and she went off tail between her legs and got in the "unofficial line". You don't mess with people lined up for an estate sale! LOL

 We waited and shivered and chatted until they handed out the "real" numbers. I overheard that lady number 3 was also looking for feedsacks and silently sent her ESP messages to somehow slow her down (lol) and also both judged my chances versus her and berated myself for my judginess..(I am sure she was a perfectly nice lady!)

We adjourned to the antique mall across the street for free hot cider and I found a few feedsacks there. Back to the estate sale and these were what I got there.

 For those who don't know, these fabric sacks were what feed and flour and sugar came in in the depression era to the 1950's. I love love love the cheerful colors and prints.

 They were about a square yard each when opened so unless you got a couple matching bags, they were mostly used for children's clothing and quilting.

 I have seen dresses, runners, curtains, aprons and more made from these cheerful cotton fabrics.

 This purple-y pink was a fav of mine..that color is yummy to me..pale magenta.

 I also like the ones with roses....

 This frondy shaped one is also cool to many different patterns were produced!

 I like how the top 2 sacks "play" together. Lovely chartreuse and bubblegum pink.

 Most of these will go to EBay and Etsy *sniffle*. I met a lady there who said she has over 300 sacks in her collection!

After I got home from this sale we packed our bags and went to an antique auction in Indiana..more to come on our finds there. Stop again and see what I have found! 'Til next time. Julia

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daydreamsdustbunnies said...

I absolutely love the tin hearts. They're so unique.