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Thursday, February 26, 2015

I have an official website! Shopify!

 I FINALLY got my own website up today! My husband has been needling me for YEARS to get one. I was a total foot dragger as I have almost zero computer skills. I have had my domain name bought and saved since I opened my Etsy shop!

 I seriously learned how to "copy and paste" like 3-4 years ago! I set opening a website as a goal for this year and researched several different ones. I decided to go with Shopify.

 I wanted a place besides EBay to sell our new items and I also plan to offer some antique/vintage and handmade things there too. (I only have 2 items there now!) Etsy has been crazy lately..we have been selling OK, but you never know what is going to happen next seller-wise there! It is always better to have your eggs in more than one basket..I'm a former farm girl..that is totally true! (also chickens can be mean!)

I felt like Nova Lee Nation from the movie"Where The Heart Is". She went to the "liberry" to look up how to care for a tree she was gifted and told the librarian "I have to look it up in the encyclopedia and then look THAT answer up in the Children's section!" I had to follow the tutorial and sometimes Google what the heck they were talking about! I discovered mostly I was over thinking it. I just went with a lot of the stock input and saved myself stress and tears! So, is officially open! Lots more items to add there. SO if I can do it..ANYBODY can do it! Yay to met goals! 'Til next time Webmaster Julia (lol)


Stephanie said...

Hi Julia (popping by from the ebt) ... your Shopify shop looks great! Congrats, that's an awesome step to take.

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