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Monday, August 10, 2015

Weekend Project Upcycled lamps

 Hi guys! I rewired and upcycled a couple lamps this weekend. I got this vintage base this summer at an antique auction. I couldn't find any info on it online, but just thought it was marvelous!. I think it is probably 1970's era. The riser was rusted and the wiring gone. This "painting" is Grant Wood's American Gothic. My mom always calls them "the cornflakes couple" as there used to be an old Cornflakes commercial with a spoof on this couple.

I added new lamp parts and a new riser made from an old trophy piece that Ed had left on the coffee table. He bought several vintage trophys to salvage and sell on EBay and only wanted the tops and marble bases. It worked perfectly! Now I am eyeing the rest of his "discards"! lol.

 I made this lamp from a vintage wooden surveyor's tripod. I added new socket bits I sprayed hammered bronze to "blend in more" and new reproduction cloth covered wiring that Ed sells in his Etsy shop The Industrial Farmer.

   It just looked better than regular cord.

 I added a shade I made with a vintage lampshade wire frame and chicken wire. I plan to add an Edison light bulb too. These are headed to my upcoming shows as I HATE shipping lamps! I have a lot more "project lamp bases" sitting around..I need to get cracking! Hope you had a fruitful, peaceful weekend! Stop again and see what I am up to. Comments loved, followers adored! Til next time! Julia

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Melissa said...

Wow what a great job you did on this! I hear you on shipping delicate items. I'm sure this one and any others you make will sell like hotcakes!

Popping over from the EBT...