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Friday, January 25, 2013

I'm still here!

 Hi guys! I am still alive! 20 days since my last post..sheesh..I've been busy! So now you are going to get a mega post. I have been making, and cleaning, and listing like mad. This lampshade above is one of my new "makes: I call these tutu lampshades. I used to do similar lace ones in my old vintage shop over vintage shade frames.
 I added a handmade singed rosette with a smoky vintage rhinestone pin. I like how this one turned out.
 My husband now has a new Etsy shop which I have been helping with. It is The Industrial Farmer .He has sneaked a few of my things from my local booth to list. This is a vintage shoe form I painted on one of his rusty crusty rollerskates. This has a cool look!
 Me and the grandbaby Hunter painted several of these in different styles for my handmade shop
 I have been "shopping" my own house and going through the boxes of things that for some reason never got listed. I have been up to my eyeballs in old hardware. I love the look of these (sold) they look like one of those old avian prints of birds eggs.I think that is always my "problem"..I see something and think..Oooh..this would be so cool framed in a vintage frame..and then I never get a chance to DO it!
 This was a batch of vintage hinges. I think they look like a metal quilt..and again..would look fab framed!
 ..just like little wooden mushrooms.....

 Oh...the aqua jars I have been taking pics of..I haven't even got them all listed yet!
 Vintage china casters...
 A ginormous old heavy metal gear to Ed's shop.

 ..crusty keyplates..several bunches..
 A cool old gooseneck lamp..
 This vintage glass ceiling shade is the palest celery green..lovely.
 Even the pedestrian can make an impact in a group!
 These are a couple old trophies I upcycled for my handmade shop..diva..
 and Drama Queen..which should go to my 10 yr old son..everything is a huge deal to that kid!
 A sweet old composition baby doll head..some are creepy but this one is just sweet to me.
 An old fish crate upcycled with vintage casters for my husband's shop/
 The coolest Danish Modern candlestick holders (skinny tapers) by Jens Quistgaard one of the creators of the Dansk company. I have research his things lately..lovely Mid Century Modern and quite a range from furniture to accessories, pottery, cookware..much coolness and a new fav of mine!
 My husband had several old treadle sewing machine foot pedals go into his shop.
 I made a couple of these photo display "shoes" for my handmade shop.
 Another sewing machine pedal..
I listed a bunch of vintage doll clothes. I love these! I had a doll clothes drawer when I was little filled with doll clothes my mom and both my Grammas made me. We used to even force our kittens into them and drive them around in the doll buggy..poor kitties!

 Lacey and white...
 Peachy pink undies, a lovely rosebud covered dress and a shabby tutu.
 Two white eyelet lace dresses and a sheer dress.
 Pink and white sweetness..
 I think this is my fav..aqua AND pink rosebuds!
 An aqua doll jacket.
 Even a Marshall Field vintage baby boy shirt..too darling. These would be cute in a baby room or laundry room pinned to a clothesline or made into a garland.
 Today found me listing giant brass bedknobs on EBay. These would make great finials even for just display.
 These vintage Frye cowboy boots went to EBay but only because they are a 6C and too small for my apparently Sasquatch foot :(  Boo!
 I'm selling these on EBay for a friend. Aren't they cute? One  pair and 6 singles..

This one is very old. These are great for ornaments or for display or upcycled into pincushions..who cares if they are singles!
 The grandbaby started preschool 2 days a week this month. His momma made him his backpack. He is very excited and loves it! It is odd being home alone though!(I do get more done though and don't have to watch cartoons!)

This is a lovely vintage curtain panel I finally got listed and out of the "I can make something with this pile" My husband is on a cleaning/organizing streak and is dragging me along with him. We have cleaned out our storage closet and our storage room and hauled loads to the dump and the thrift store. The process has been painful but the results are going to be worth it...except the shelf he nailed to the wall today. It is so awful I'll have to take some pics to share and tear it out and fix it..bless his heart...
..and this is something I shall be listing shortly..vintage wooden letterpress print blocks..and hopefully DOING soon. Ed wants to go "estate sale-ing" in the morning and Jack has basketball games after dinner. We had an ice storm today so hopefully it is all melted by then! Hopefully I will be back sooner than last time..have  a great weekend! Julia

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The Polka Dot Closet said...

What treasure you have!! It has got to feel great to get it all listed and cleaned out. I am in the process of cleaning my craft room and it is time to get rid of some of my fabric too!!