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Friday, October 26, 2012

Upcycled Sweater tote part Deaux

 Hi guys! All done! For part one of this, see yesterday's post. For the inside and sides and strap I used some vintage linen or linen type fabric that I got..where an estate sale. You run across decor type fabrics at some sales and that is what this was..a bit heavier weight for upholstery projects. I love black and white and gingham checks so I grabbed a 2-3 yard piece of this for $2. I buy about 90% of my supplies at estate sales..I only fill in at Hobby Lobby. I left this open at the top. I considered a closure but I have made this style for myself before and haven't lost anything out of one yet (which if you know me is a minor miracle in itself..last week I forgot my wallet when I went uptown and when I went back out to the car to make sure I hadn't just left it in there, I locked my keys in the car!) Also, I am lazy and don't like having to mess with a button and I hate applying zippers..soooo.
 I added 2 deep side pockets to the interior. I have learned from carrying my last one of these, your cell phone goes straight to the bottom never to be seen again! I really like working with gingham because you don't even need to make a pattern (see the above lazy comment). I just measured my tote front and added 4 inch wide strips for the sides and bottom and a matching interior. You just measure the gingham and cut on the appropriate lines! Thank you mom for teaching me to sew at 6 and 4H for making me have to do it the "right" way..which I rarely do!
 I was afraid I was going to run into trouble with that stretchy ribbed top but it sewed fine. All ready to hit the road for the Country Living fair! Check back for pics! Til then! Julia


2justByou said...

Really cute!
Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. =0) I'm a new follower, and I hope you'll follow my blog as well!

2justByou said...

PS - I love that you added the two deep pockets, because you're right about cell phone (or other importants) going straight to the bottom. The bag I'm using now has no pockets, and it's frustrating!
Have a great weekend!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh, this is adorable!! I love sewing with stripes and gingham too, since you just follow the lines!


Laura Beth Love said...

Love! Shared on my blog and on Pinterest!

Unknown said...

Love your cute purse awesome work!
I hope you guys can follow my blog as well I am new to. THANKS!