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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hi guys! I haven't been posting for a little while. My life is generally pretty boring, but lately stuff has just been coming at me left and right. I feel a bit like McCauley here. Last Thursday night my husband and I went with our daughter to Bloomington, Indiana to visit the Indiana University School of Optometry where she had applied and been accepted for an interview. She and I had already been to Birmingham AL on a similar interview before Christmas. I was impressed with IU, their optometry program and Bloomington. She got the news yesterday that they were also impressed with her and offered her a spot in their fall class which she is accepting. So YAY for her and boo that she will be 7 hours away. I do feel that she will be comfortable there and that it is a good fit. More good news, last week one of my items was in Etsy Finds which is an email that Etsy send out to a LOT of people. It was this item *points downward*
I sold it and had requests for more. I am hoping tomorrow the rain will finally cease so I can do some spray painting outside. I actually did a bit of faux mercury glass spray painting tonight in my kitchen which is not well advised as it was quite stinky! I have been working on upcycled candlesticks that I hope to have pics of soon here.
This week has been so dramatic. My mom spent last night in the hospital with chest pains. Apparently her iron levels were so low it was stressing her heart. They gave her blood to raise her iron. She sounded very perky today and was going home (it is hard to live 18 hours away!) My sisters and I have internet diagnosed her as having a gluten allergy. I never knew a side effect of gluten intolerance was low iron which she has struggled with for years with no cause that her doctors could find. She has a brother with gluten allergies. She also has a couple other red flags and I hope that they can test her for it and figure it out! I am lucky to still have both my parents and greedy enough to want them around as long as possible!
I went through some "excitement" this week with a friend that is going through a nasty business divorce. I went with her for her showdown and it was not pretty. Hopefully through the court she will be able to get it resolved. On the unexpected side, I seem to be getting back into the retail business as I will be splitting rent and space with her and possibly one other gal in a new space. We plan to keep everything separate and beyond that we haven't nailed down all the details yet. My husband and I have been talking about going back to retail for a year..I just didn't want to do 7 days a week again..ever! So cross your fingers for me!
On the home front I have joined the gym again after a 3 year gap. It hasn't been as atrocious as I thought.My daughter has been going with me.Tonight I went alone and when I tried to use the keycard for the first time (they lock the doors after 8pm) I ran into problems. Scan card..nothing. Scan a bunch of different directions..nothing. Scan it like a Jedi Knight wielding a light saber..nothing. Finally I banged on the glass doors and got the attention of one of the buff (younger of course) weight lifty dudes in there lifting weights. I did the pointing, mouthing words, gesticulating thing until he finally came over and let me in. He said, "I am not going to get in trouble for letting you in am I?" I said No, I am a member I just can't get this scanny thing to work. He said Let me see your scanner and I handed it to him..he flipped it over and said, "This is a Suntan City card..this grey thing is the scanner" DUH. I felt so stupid! I said "Well that explains that then" He went back and told his buddy and they both were laughing at me..bummer. Not quite as embarrassing as the time I got my IPod earbud cords caught in the floor fan when I was trying to turn it down! Ah least he didn't call me "Ma'am"! When I turned 45, I noticed I started to feel more and more invisible in public..when I was younger and hotter guys used to hoot and holler (has that tactic EVER worked by the way?) and go out of their way to hold the doors for I don't know if invisible is a bad thing! LOL. I hope to have some pix soon of my latest projects so stop back! Julia


Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Whew! Sounds like a whirlwind. Congrats to your daughter. Bloomington seems like a lovely college town. We were there for a family wedding a couple of years ago and really liked it.

I know what you mean about feeling invisible! Here's when you really know you're getting old -- one day last winter I was shoveling snow (and it was a pretty deep one) and a college student from down the street came over and offered to do it for me. Guess I looked too feeble! I thanked him very kindly but assured him I could handle it. :-)

hopeandjoyhome said...

What a nice young man! He was raised right..but on the other hand..I know what you mean! I CAN DO IT! LOL

Crystal Cook said...

Scan it like a jedi knight wielding a lightsaber LOL!! Sounds like you have been busy! And how lucky you are to have both your parents still, I hope they can figure out what's wrong with your mom too. And LOVE your frame! No wonder it was featured in the etsy finds. :))) COngrats on the sale. So glad I found your blog, it is a very happy place to be.