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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Burlap and sheet music book page wreath

Hi guys! This is a custom wreath I have been working on. I have made paper wreaths before but this is the first one I did with burlap. I used the selvedge edge of the fabric to avoid having to hem the ruffle.
It has a burlap rose center. The lady I made it for asked if I could do a burlap rose. I never had but figured I COULD. I like how it turned out. It is basically one of those spiral cut rolled roses, I just folded the burlap spiral in half before I glued stitching required..just lots of hot glue!
The paper is antique sheet music , vintage or antique dictionary pages for the smaller cones and French text for the pleated bit. I run strips of vintage text through an antique ribbon crimper I have and then run a basting stitch at one edge and (carefully) gather. My daughter said, "My that looks tedious." I said yes..yes it is! LOL (Actually it doesn't take that long to gather) Sometimes it takes a little push to get you going in a new direction, but I have found it is usually worth it! Thanks for stopping by! Julia


Sweet Posy Dreams said...

This is really beautiful! Great job.

Jenny said...

That's beautiful!