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Friday, October 7, 2011

Vintage Curtains

Hi guys! These are some of the vintage curtains I found last week. They were stains and I think years of cigarette smoke. I soaked them overnight in a big plastic tote in my tub in regular Tide. Soaking helps rehydrate old fibers. Sometimes if things are dry rotted, there is no return. These seemed sound, just dirty. The soak water was the color of COFFEE when I poured it out! Ewwwwww.. This set is a floral chintz. I love the roses on these.
I then run them through a wash cycle (delicate low spin) and then I dry these on the grass in my backyard..put them out when there is still dew on the grass in the morning and leave them to sun dry. This set still has some spots that may need one more soaking/washing/sun drying. This is that fab old barkcloth.
This set came pretty those Japanese lanterns! These are barkcloth too.
Looks like a curious cat or peacock may have walked over these..luckily no muddy footprints..that is not always the case!
These still have some spots and staining around the hem/ edges. One more wash should get it. Then to list and try not to hoard for myself! I always think of all the cool things I could make with these..or maybe new curtains for my bedroom..hmmmm. I'll try to share some of the vintage things I found last week..I already have some listed! The estate sale I hit this morning was rather disappointing..more like a yard sale. Boo! Maybe tomorrow! Until next time! Julia


Donna (Twinmountainpottery) said...

WOW What a lot of work but your end results are worth it!

SibStudio said...

The fabric is beautiful. I admire how you can see beyond the dirt and bring the fabric back to life!